Thursday, August 3, 2017

We have moved!

This wonderful team is evolving and reaching for new horizons! Etsy is an amazing platform for web selling and developing a brand, yet the internet is widespread, and ripe for the taking. Our caterpillar of a group has come out of its chrysalis and is stretching its new wings.

Visit our new incarnation, as the International Beadweavers

  Our new link is

The International Beadweavers unite beaders across the globe, covering many linguistic, creative and historical territories. With challenges, activities, and soon, Embassies settled on various websites and social areas, we hope to bring a network of beading resources as well as web selling tips and tricks to our members, all the while bringing beadweaving as an art-form to the forefront of modern fashions. Formally, we were focused on acquiring success on Etsy, but now our goal is to come together as beadweavers, no matter which online selling platform we prefer.

Thank you to everyone who has founded, elevated, participated and made the Etsy BeadWeavers the amazing team is has become. This is not an end, the next stage of life for our group begins now!



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