Monday, May 21, 2012

July 2012 Theme Announced "Tangerine Tango"

Kinga, winner of the May Challenge has chosen our July theme!

"Tangerine Tango"

Every year the Pantone Color Institute hosts a secret meeting of experts in a European capital. After two days of debate, a “Color of the Year” is chosen. The 2012 Color of the Year is Tangerine Tango.

The chosen color captures the Zeitgeist: the spirit of our time. In this case, the vibrant, reddish-orange hue fills us with optimism and hope, recharges us, and helps us move forward. It's bold, encouraging, and signals vitality, urgency and strength. By now it's all over the place when it comes to fashion and interior design.

This month, let's use Tangerine Tango as the main character in our beaded stories. You are not limited to only this color, but other colors should be used to compliment the orange, not over power it.

The only requirement is, the finished piece must be mostly orange.

To see Tangerine Tango for yourself, here is a link to an article that includes a big swatch of this beautiful orange: ... r-of-2012/

Members may start your their today May 19 and post to your shop by midnight July 5th Etsy time. Please do not tag your entry with EBWC until the June challenge is complete (June 16th).  If you are not a Etsy Beadweavers members and you meet our membership requirements please apply via the Join Etsy Button on the Right side of the page.


Any EBW member may create one new beadweaving of your own design (not from a tutorial, kit, book, magazine, or class) in response to the challenge theme. Your work should be entirely beadwoven, or have a substantially woven component, to feature and promote our art form. You may not renew an existing piece, or list a tutorial or made-to-order item as an entry.

Members are expected to participate in challenges when possible, and required to do so once each year. Start the weaving anytime after the theme is announced. Complete and list the work for sale on Etsy by the 5th of the month of the challenge, before midnight Etsy (Eastern Standard) time. Your listing date is proof you entered by the deadline, and also determines your placement in the mosaic, so DO NOT RENEW your work until after the voting poll opens on the 9th.

Your listing must be for sale for the duration of the challenge (not made to order), unless it sells from your shop. If that happens, please alert the moderators to your sale, and you can still participate. If you must reserve your listing for purchase, please follow Etsy's recommendations and edit both your title and your description to begin with: "RESERVED FOR (buyer's Etsy username, or designation of buyer's choice) ONLY." Etsy does not allow the listing of items not for sale, so reserving your entry to sell elsewhere or keep for yourself is not permitted. Please do not put your shop on vacation mode when you have an item entered in the challenge, or deactivate your entry from the time you list, until the close of the challenge. If you must be away from your shop, please leave your challenge entry active, with a message explaining the date the item will shipped if purchased."


Your listing must include the following four (4) things:
1. The theme of the challenge. For example, “This (describe your work) was created for the Etsy Beadweavers Team (insert the month) challenge on the theme (insert the title of the theme).”
2. An explanation of how your work relates to the theme.
3. The address of our team blog where the voting will take place and the voting dates. For example, “Please visit our team blog, between the 9th and 15th and vote for your favorite entry.”
4.Tag your entry EBWC. This is how we find your entry. Please test this tag by searching "handmade" and "EBWC" on Etsy. If your entry does not appear in this search within an hour after listing and tagging it, please contact a moderator for assistance. Please do not apply this tag until after the previous challenge poll closes on the 15th, and remove the tag after the voting poll closes, so entries for the next month’s challenge can be featured.

About Promoting the Public Voting Poll

The purpose of the public poll is to bring as many viewers to our team blog as possible, increasing awareness of Etsy Beadweavers and our art form. The winner of the public poll should be the work that the most viewers liked the best. PLEASE DO NOT request that your friends vote for your work, or that of another member. Please let them make up their own minds about which entry they like the best. Promote the challenge by inviting as many friends, acquaintances, co-workers and family members as you like to vote for their favorite entry. Please use your blog, Facebook, Twitter and any other resources you have to drive traffic to our blog during the challenge. Feel free to say which entry is yours. Many friends will choose to support you with a vote. Let’s play fair with each other, and keep our challenges fun for all.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Spring Swap 2012

Every year starting in January we ask our members if they want to participate in a spring swap where they create a piece for another of our members.  The person you create for provides you with a list of their prefered colors, style and sizes.  Each person  that signs up for the Spring Swap creates for one other member but does not know who has created a piece for them until they receive in the mail around the Middle of May.  This year we had 28 members participate in the Spring Swap 2012 and these are the wonderful creations that were send off to their partners.
1 Catherine Ross - BeadMatrix to Breda Sleator Hogan - LacyNecklace

2 Breda Sleater Hogan - LacyNecklace to Amanda Wareing - BeagleBeads

3 Amanda Wareing - BeagleBeads to Chris Simmons - Cascreates

4 Chirs Simmons - Cascreates to Lisa Barlow - BlingJewelryDesigns

5 Lisa Barlow - BlingJewelryDesigns to Cindy Marshall -Iceboxgems

6 Cindy Marshall - Iceboxgems to Christine Rodreguez -ChristineRodrequez

7 Christine Rodriguez- ChristineRodrequez to Ginny Brecht -njema

8 Ginny Brecht - njema to Silvia Sernicola - Sobby

9 Silvia Sernicola - Sobby to Skylar Bre'z - JustBre'z

10 Skylar Bre'z -JustBre'z to Sarah Tucker - Aprilisforever

11 Sarah Tucker - Aprilisforever to Naan Poen - StellItinaan

12 Naan Poen - StellItinaan to Laura Coe - Boonie Beads

13 Laura Coe - Boonie Beads to Karen D Andrea - TropicalKaren

14 Karen D Andrea - TropicalKaren to Jobi Cates - OneCheekCrafts

15 Jobi Cates - OneCheekCrafts to Joanne Browne - JosJewels1

16 Joanne Browne - JosJewels1 to Marilyn Norman - Starwaves

17 Mariilyn Norman - Starwaves to Chris Maj - Beadn4fun

18 Chris Maj - Beadn4fun to Shannon Curry -

19 Shannon Curry - to Megan Tompson - ABeadedWorld

20 Megan Tompson - Abeadworld to Laura Zeiner - StickLizardDesign

21 Laura Zeiner - StickLizardDesign to Kris Empting ObenLand - KrisDesignFSP

22 Kris Empting Obenland - KrisDesignFSP to Jessi Yost - Jess2bead

23 Jessi Yost - Jess2bead to Jane Riechholt - BeadsNJane

24 Jane Reichholt 0 BeadsNJane to Jacquie Champion - AngelqueCreations

25 Jacquie Champion - Angelquecreations to Hadass Ferber - Spring Colors

26 Hadass Ferber - Spring Colors to Andrea Ortiz - BlueStarsArt

27 Andrea Ortiz - BlueStars Art to Deb Anderson -BeadsNBlooms

28 Deb Anderson - BeadsNBlooms to Catherine Ross - BeadMatrix

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Congratulations to the Winners of the May Challenge "Nautical"

Congratulations are in order for Zvia, who won the Blog popular vote with her piece, Ocean Views! Here are the complete results of the Blog poll:

1st - Ocean Views by zviagil with 117 votes
2nd - Poseidon's Garden by HauteIceBeadwork with 103 votes
3rd - Octopus Bead Embroidered Necklace by crimsonfrog with 76 votes
4th - Birth of Venus by SpiralDesignJewelry with 46 votes
5th - Treasures of the Deep by josjewels1 with 38 votes
6th - Ocean Breeze necklace by eliana1971 with 29 votes
7th - Honu Compass Rose by AngelqueCreations with 21 votes
8th - Enchanted Mermaid Bead Embroidery by 4uidzne with 19 votes
9th - Antique Map Adventure Necklace by BeadCatcher with 17 votes
10th - Sailing Summer Seas Pendant by BoonieBeads with 16 votes

Congratulations also go to Kinga of crimsonfrog and her Octopus Bead Embroidery Necklace. As winner of the Team Favorite vote, Kinga will have the honors of selecting the theme for our July challenge

Monday, May 7, 2012

Voting for May Challenge - "Nautical Inspired"

Sydney of LostAloha winner of the March challenge "Destinations" challenge came up with the May Challenge "NAUTICAL INSPIRED" theme.

"One of my favorite things about being from the Oregon Coast is how much the culture and economy is tied to the ocean (and it's storms), the ports, and all the lush ocean life. My challenge is to make something Nautical inspired -- be it sailor stripes, a pirate's life, sea stars and octopi, or a siren atop a hefty, rusty anchor -- with Memorial Day on the way, I will definitely make my way down to the docks to see all the boats and fisherman, and welcome in all the sunshine.. With an occasional high-winds warning and some dark, churning ocean waves."

Voting starts May 9 - May 15th, (See right side for poll which will be posted on the 9th)

Click on the thumbnails of thumbnail images of each entry or links below the mosaic to see additional views and read about each piece in detail.

The All American Wave by JoyFullyJewelsOctopus Bead Embroidery Necklace by crimsonfrogBounty - Bead embroidered cuff - OOAK by VicusCrystal Rivoli Grey pink Purple Beadwoven Necklace by SpringColorsOctopus\Bracelet of Beadwoven Circlets by TerahClassyCreationsOcean Breeze Necklace by eliana1971Nautical Mermaid Necklace by MegansBeadedDesignsSeascape Original Beaded necklace by EsmerldasStudioBeaded Shell Pendant by enchantedbeadsEnchanted Mermaid Bead Embroidery Necklace by 4uidzneHonu Compass Rose by AngelqueCreationsCape Hatteras Lighthouse by beadn4funBeaded  Cuff Bracelet by randomcreativeLife Belt Beaded Necklace by annameiBeaded Ocean Necklace by BettyStephanBeadworkPearls in ocean waves by AnnaCohenTreasures of the Deep by josjewels1Pirates Treasure Caught in Fishing Net by Jewelrybyjane29Nautical Beadwoven Cuff by MaryTDesignsOcean Views by zviagilAncient Ocean by KraftKonfessionsPoseidon\TITANIC Bracelet by KrisDesignFSPSailing summer seas peyote stitched pendant by BoonieBeadsSummer sailor\Coastal Peyote Charm Bracelet by elsielightIn The Navy by FandefanfanBarrette, Sand, Sea and Shells by JaniesgemsPortholes Nautical Beadwoven Bracelet by SallyGoRoundTheMoon by SallyGoRoundTheMoonAntique map adventure necklace by BeadCatcherNautical vanity by SobbyBirth of Venus by SpiralDesignJewelry