Friday, May 22, 2015

May 2015 Challenge Winners


Let's start off this month by announcing the winner of the public vote, congratulations to Edita Kricenaite!


Total Votes Cast: 151

1st place: Edita Kricenaite from RebelSoulEK - 30 votes (20%)

2nd place: Chris Maj from beadn4fun - 23 votes (15%)

3rd place: Zvia Ben-Ami from zviagil - 20 votes (13%)

4th place: Hannah Rosner from HannahRachel - 19 votes (13%)

5th place: Ileana Munteanu from enchantedbeads - 18 votes (12%)


Our team vote was characterised by ties and we have several winners to announce. In 1st place, a 3-way tie between Chris Maj, Sarah Cryer and Hannah Rosner:


1st place joint winners:

Chris Maj from beadn4fun, Sarah Cryer from SarahCryerBeadwork and Hannah Rosner from HannahRachel with 8 votes each (21%)

Chris Maj's entry:

Sarah Cryer's entry:

Hannah Rosner's entry:

2nd place joint winners:

Edita Kricenaite from RebelSoulEK and Karen Parker from WizardIslandDesigns

Edita Kricenaite's entry:

Karen Parker's entry:

3rd place joint winners:

Diana Coe from BeadworkAndCoe, Ileana Munteanu from enchantedbeads and Mariya Zhalnina from BeadCatcher

Diana Coe's entry:

Ileana Munteanu's entry:

Mariya Zhalnina's entry:

Congratulations everyone!

Thanks to all who participated in the May 2015 “Inspired By Chihuly” Challenge and to everyone who voted!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Monday, May 4, 2015

EBW Team June 2015 Challenge "Game Of Thrones"

Edita Kricenaite, the winner of the April Challenge has chosen the theme for June:

"Game Of Thrones"

It seems the whole world is crazy about this TV serial. I think it is an inexhaustible source for imagination: from the fantasy world to dragons, zombies and other strange creatures, from the ancient environment with its castles to unique nature views, from royal costumes and dresses to the endless scenes of war. What (or who) inspires you the most about this film? Please show us in your jewelry and tell about it in your description.

Please don't post any photos from the series alongside your piece as it will constitute copyright infringement. Direct copying of any element is also not allowed.

Let the game of thrones begin in your home!!!

Note to team members: Please check the challenge rules to see what details must be in your listing.  The entry must be listed in your Etsy shop by June 5th.  Have fun creating!