Monday, July 21, 2014

September Team Challenge "Your Favorite Children's Book"

Shine from OfYourLove won the challenge for July with her whimsical and colorful “Weedy Sea Dragon” and she has chosen our challenge theme for September: Your Favorite Children’s Book

Shine says, “I am living with my niece (3) and nephew (6) now, and They LOVE being read to. I love revisiting my own favorite children's books. So for this next challenge draw your inspiration from either the pictures or the story from your favorite children’s book."

Team members may begin your entry no sooner than July 21 and make sure it’s listed with the EBWC tag by September 5th midnight Eastern time.

If you're not a member of the Etsy Beadweavers Team and want to be, please visit the link on our blog for an application.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

CONGRATULATIONS to Shine from Ofyourlove, our July Challenge winner!

Weedy Sea Dragon by Shine from Ofyourlove
 Congratulation to Shine from Ofyourlove as the winner of both the public and team vote for our "Most Colorful Animals" entry!! Her colorful and imaginative "Weedy Sea Dragon" Got 15 votes from the team and 69 votes on the blog! As winner of the team vote, Shine will choose our September challenge theme! Linda of beadifuljewelry was runner up in both votes for her breathtaking "Lion of Judah" bead "painting" with 14 votes from the team and 68 votes on the blog! A real photo finish! Congrats and thank you all for your colorful entries!

Here are the voting results:
Team Vote
1st place: Weedy Sea Dragon – OfYourLove 15
2nd place: The Lion of Judah – beadifuljewelry 14
3rd place (tie): Cardinal Brooch – byMiSt 5
3rd place (tie): Blue Gold Green Peacock – SpringColors 5
4th place: Colourful Chameleon Necklace – Beadflowers 3
5th place: Colorful Butterfly Bracelet – enchantedbeads 2

Public Blog Vote
1st place: Weedy Sea Dragon - OfYourLove 29% (69)
2nd place: The Lion of Judah - beadifuljewelry 28% (68)
3rd place: Blue Gold Green Peacock - SpringColors 10% (23)
4th place: Cardinal Brooch - byMiSt 5% (13)
5th place (tie): Colorful Butterfly Bracelet - enchantedbeads 5% (11)
5th place (tie): Colourful Chameleon Necklace - Beadflowers 5% (11)