Tuesday, February 25, 2014

April Challenge "Inspired by Kandinsky"

Karen of WizardIslandDesigns has set our new theme for us! The theme for April’s Challenge is:


Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944), was a well-known Russian painter who created the first purely abstract works based on non-representational properties of color and form.

Please visit: http://www.guggenheim.org/new-york/coll ... tists/1515 and check out Mr. Kandinsky’s awesome works for Inspiration!

PLEASE NOTE: You can reference your source of inspiration in your description but please don’t post any photos of Kandinsky’s work alongside your piece, as it will constitute copyright infringement. Direct copying of any portion of his imagery is also not allowed.

Any EBW member may create one new beadweaving of your own design (not from a tutorial, kit, book, magazine, or class) in response to the challenge theme. Your work should be entirely beadwoven, or have a substantially woven component, to feature and promote our art form. You may not renew an existing piece, or list a tutorial or made-to-order item as an entry.

Members are expected to participate in challenges when possible, and required to do so once each year. Start the weaving anytime after the theme is announced. Complete and list the work for sale on Etsy by the 5th of the month of the challenge, before midnight Etsy (Eastern Standard) time. Your listing date is proof you entered by the deadline, and also determines your placement in the mosaic, so DO NOT RENEW your work until after the voting poll opens on the 9th.

Your listing must be for sale for the duration of the challenge (not made to order), unless it sells from your shop. If that happens, please alert the moderators to your sale, and you can still participate. If you must reserve your listing for purchase, please follow Etsy's recommendations and edit both your title and your description to begin with: "RESERVED FOR (buyer's Etsy username, or designation of buyer's choice) ONLY." Etsy does not allow the listing of items not for sale, so reserving your entry to sell elsewhere or keep for yourself is not permitted. Please do not put your shop on vacation mode when you have an item entered in the challenge, or deactivate your entry from the time you list, until the close of the challenge. If you must be away from your shop, please leave your challenge entry active, with a message explaining the date the item will shipped if purchased."

Your listing must include the following four (4) things:
1. The theme of the challenge. For example, “This (describe your work) was created for the Etsy Beadweavers Team (insert the month) challenge on the theme (insert the title of the theme).”
2. An explanation of how your work relates to the theme.
3. The address of our team blog where the voting will take place and the voting dates. For example, “Please visit our team blog, http://www.etsy-beadweavers.blogspot.com between the 9th and 15th and vote for your favorite entry.”
4.Tag your entry EBWC. This is how we find your entry. Please test this tag by searching "handmade" and "EBWC" on Etsy. If your entry does not appear in this search within an hour after listing and tagging it, please contact a moderator for assistance. Please do not apply this tag until after the previous challenge poll closes on the 15th, and remove the tag after the voting poll closes, so entries for the next month’s challenge can be featured. Please also post your entry in the Monthly Challenge section on our Free Forum, in the thread designated for entries of the challenge you are entering.

Monday, February 17, 2014

February "Warmth" Challenge Winners

Congratulations to Vicus for winning the popular vote on our blog for her entry, "Treehouse With Fire in Winter," with 89 votes!


Congratulations to WizardIslandDesigns for winning Team Vote. Her entry, "Phoenix Necklace," scored 13 votes for 1st place!


Our other Winners are as follows:
 2nd place - zviagil, "Fire and Ashes Bracelet." 61 votes
3rd place - WizardIslandDesigns, "Phoenix Necklace." 48 votes
4th place - The VerdantEdge, "Fiery Embrace Choker." 42 votes
5th place - BeautyGlamourLuba, "Red Rose with Black Necklace." 36 votes
6th place - HauteIceBeadwork, "Crazy Quilt Cozy Collar." 35 votes
7th place - tattoedraven, "Memories of a Pendleton Blanket Necklace." 24 votes
8th place - AngelqueCreations, "Desert Fire Necklace." 19 votes
9th place - TraditionsJewels, "Winter Fire Shibori Collar." 18 votes
10th place - MaewaDesign, "Butterfly Shibori Necklace." 14 votes

2nd place - TheVerdantEdge, "Fiery Embrace Choker." 9 votes
3rd place - HauteIceBeadwork, "Crazy Quilt Cozy Collar." 8 votes
4th place (3-way tie) - beadn4fun, "Gone to Pieces Crazy Quilt," beadsandblooms, "Spiced Wine Shibori Cuff," and MaewaDesign, "Butterfly Shibori Necklace." 7 votes each
7th place (3-way tie) - TraditionsJewels, "Winter Fire Shibori Collar," Vicus, "Tree House with Fire in Winter Collar," and BeadCatcher, "You Are My Sunshine Necklace." 5 votes each

Congrats, ALL who entered! 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Voting for the February "Warmth" Challenge

Choose your favorite "Warmth" entry from the images and links below, and vote for it on the blog poll on the right sidebar. Voting will occur from February 9th through the 15th.

Click on the images or links below to learn more about each entry and see larger, detailed images of each piece.


Image Map

1. Dancing Flames Shibori necklace – 4uidzne

2. Red and Black Bead Embroidered Collar – suegoode

3. Embers for Constantine Bracelet – HannahRachel

4. Gone To Pieces Crazy Quilt – beadn4fun

5. Neckwarmer Carnelian Necklace - ArtMasquerading

6. Ty’s Eyes bronze Cat’s Eye Necklace and Earring Set – WearableArtByLaurie

7. Red Rose with Black Necklace – BeautyGlamourLuba

8. Red Coral and Turquoise Southwestern Necklace – Jewelrybyjane29

9. Bailey – MaryTDesigns

10.Spiced Wine Shibori Cuff Bracelet – beadsandblooms

11. Quilt block Bangle Bracelet – Medic5415

12. Fire Flower Necklace - Beadflowers

13. A Piece of Fire Necklace and Earrings Set – BeadsForBeauty

14. Hot Cocoa Bangle – savoystudio

15. African Summer Bracelet – TrinityDJBoutique

16. Desert Fire Necklace – AngelqueCreations

17. Spring Iridescent Bracelet – JudesArt

18. Winter Fire Shibori Collar – TraditionsJewels

19. Fiery Embrace Choker - TheVerdantEdge

20. Tree House with Fire in Winter Collar – Vicus

21. African Sunset in the Savannah Pendant – alterdeco

22. Sunny Necklace – ArtfulAr

23. Fire and Ashes Bracelet – zviagil

24. Red Coral Statement Necklace – FleurDeIrk

25. Argyle Necklace – AnnaCohen

26. Hot Cider Bracelet - SpringColors

27. Winter Fire Cuff – enchantedbeads

28. Midwinter’s Sun Necklace – wanderware

29. Butterfly Shibori Necklace – MaewaDesign

30. Phoenix Necklace – WizardIslandDesigns

31. Memories of a Pendleton Blanket Necklace – tattooedraven

32. Smouldering Ember Necklace – gr8jewellery

33. Madame Pele-Godess of Fire Necklace - RebeccasWell

34. Elegant Tie Bracelet – BeadworkAndCoe

35. Crazy Quilt Cozy Collar – HauteIceBeadwork

36. Love’s Warm Glow Bracelet – jess2bead

37. You Are My Sunshine Necklace – BeadCatcher

38. Ring of Fire Cuff – njema

39. Feeding the Fire Necklace – southpassbeadsdesign