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How to Avoid Crafter's Winter Blues

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Here we are, the long winter months. When the weather, especially this year, frigid and sometimes dangerous, makes our world seemingly slow down.
As sellers, we notice that less shopping seems to be happening generally. People tend to keep their budget tight during these cold months, and the wait for sales to pick up again can feel like an endless struggle. 
When your regular tricks no longer feel as effective, don’t get the winter blues! Here are some things to remember to stay motivated, and keep your own personal streak of sunshine.

Don’t Hibernate! 

Crafters in past epochs typically couldn’t wait for these boring winter times! The promise of no farm work to do, with peace and quiet to do needlework by the fire as the snow storms roared outside...what a heavenly period of the year for those who itched to work with their hands!
These winter months are the best time to get working your shop in new ways, whether it’s using the quiet to multiply your inventory, or taking some time to rework your shop SEO. It’s hard to believe it, but spring really is just around the corner! Don't let the lull of falling snow put you to sleep, stay busy!

Had you made a new year resolution for your beading business back in Janurary? How is that coming along? It’s not too late! Make a plan and list what you still need to do to make it happen.

Learn Something New
Always wanted to take the time to teach yourself a new technique? Now is the time to get out of your comfort zone! Challenge yourself to master something completely different and see how this new knowledge influences your art!
Always stuck to peyote stitch? Try the never dull soustache style! More of a bead embroidery expert? Try an obscure double needle weaving pattern! :p

Stash Dive
When was the last time you perused through the depths of your bead collection? Now is a great time to explore and get revitalized with old inspiration flames.
Pick something in your stash you’ve never or rarely used and create something completely new with it. Ended up with strange pendants from a local bazaar years ago? Bought some amazing art beads you’ve never been sure what to do with? Got a weird bag of broken jewelry you’ve never properly taken apart? Even the tidiest of us have a bag of unfinished beading projects somewhere…

How about an inventory of your beading materials? Winter can also be a good time to update your logs, or if you do not keep one, to start! Inventory keeping can greatly help designers as it keeps all possibilities at your fingertips. 

Take a Break
If your beading business is driving you a little crazy, why not step away for a while? Branch out into a completely different hobby as a way to balance out your creative intuition and clear your mind.
As artistic makers, it is said we use mostly our right brain. The best way to stay fresh is to give this cranial hemisphere a break with left-brained activities. Try puzzle games, take time for reading and writing, start playing or learning a musical instrument, or play strategic board games with friends and family. 
A little bit of time away is bound to rejuvenate your business and beading trends. 

Enjoy it too!
The cold isn’t particularly terrible everywhere; though this year has been unique for some! Don’t let the snow falls and frost discourage you and venture outside to enjoy the season. Exercise is an important asset to creativity and can become a great source of inspiration. Invite some friends and family for a fun outdoor outing; don’t worry, the beading table will be waiting for your eager return!

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