Thursday, September 16, 2010

Congratulations to Marsha of Haute Ice Beadwork, winner of the Bollywood Challenge

The results are in and Marsha of Haute Ice Beadwork is our September Winner for the "Bollywood" challenge with her entry Bollywood Beauty.  We had another great challenge with 52 of our members participating and a responce for 857 people who voted for their favorite entry. Marsha's winning entry received 133 (15%) of the popular vote, so congratulatios to Marsha and all of the entries this month. 
Congratulations to the following runner's up and to all who entered this months challenge.  A great turnout and some amazing entries all worthy of note.
2nd place - 39. Tears Of Shiva Necklace - zaziebeads with 123 votes (14%)
3rd place - 52. Bollywood glamour necklace - grakowsky with 75 votes (8%)
4th place - 46. Maharani - ballroomchic with 72 (8%)
5th place -  11. Lakshmi's Necklace - CieloDesign witn 30 votes (3%)
6th place - 21. Bollywood bracelet. The Indian dance. - snivli witn 27 votes (2%)
We have 3 ties for the following places
 8th place - 33. Mumbai Masala - SmadarsTreasure and 40. AISHA Treasury - bead4me with 22 votes (2%)

Congratulations to everyone who entered we are all winners and this challenge was well received with 4 sales before the voting even began


  1. Congratulations! The necklace is fantastically beautiful!
    Congratulations to all other participants too :)

  2. Congratulations Marsha!

  3. Congrats, Marsha! This was my pick from the second I first saw it. I love everything about this piece!

  4. Congratulation to Marsha!! Absolutely 100% well deserved, such a gorgeous necklace!!! :):)

  5. All the entries were gorgeous but congrats - this necklace is stunning. Fantastic job!

  6. Such a lush and luxurious selection of beadwoven beauty. Congrats one and all!

  7. Congratulations Marsha!
    This necklace is a marvel!!!

  8. Congratulations!! In my mind, all who entered are winners :)

  9. Thanks so much for all your kind words. I agree with Kerrie. Entering is a victory in itself. Congratulations to all.

  10. So very stunningly beautiful! Congrats.