Saturday, January 17, 2015

Congratulations to our "Rising Stars"!

Team Co-Winners: Diana and Joanne

Congratulations to our EBW Team co-winners for January 2015 “Rising Stars”. Diana of BeadworkAndCoe and Joanne of JoanneZammit both had 13 votes (22%).

Team Vote Results:

1st place: Diana (BeadworkAndCoe) & Joanne (JoanneZammit) 13 votes (22%)

2nd place: Linda (TraditionsJewels) 10 votes (17%)

3rd place: Ileana (enchantedbeads) 9 votes (15%)

Blog Winner: Ileana

Congratulations to the winner of our public vote, Ileana of enchantedbeads who won with 86 votes (31%)!

Public Vote Results

1st place: Ileana (enchantedbeads) 86 votes (31%)

2nd place: Joanne (JoanneZammit) 60 votes (22%)

3rd place: Diana (BeadworkAndCoe) 30 votes (11%)

Thanks to all who participated in the January “Rising Star” Challenge and to everyone who voted!

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