Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Voting for May "Hungarian Folk Art" Challenge

Sorry we had some technical glitches this morning so the poll will remain open until 7:30am pacific daylight time May 16th. 

Arlene of ArtfulAr, winner of the March 2013 "Faberge Egg" challenge has chose the May 2013 theme. She explained the guidelines as follows:

The theme I chose for the May 2013 Etsy Beadweavers Challenge is 'Hungarian Folk Art.'

Growing up in a Hungarian home, my Mother and Grandmother were so very talented in all the arts. Embroidery was one art they excelled in; doilies, napkins, tablecloths, etc. This theme is special to me and brings back wonderful memories. The beautiful rich colors and designs are a delight to the eye. Create your own art from the inspirational designs [form an image search], or any reference for Hungarian Folk Art of your choosing.

Vote for your favorite entry as shown in the mosaic below, and view each one in greater detail by clicking on the images within the mosaic, or the links below.

Voting for for this challenge is on May 9th - 15th. Click on the images within or the links below the mosaic to see additional views and read about each piece in detail.


1. Purple Tulip Brooch - beadn4fun 2. Duck Duck Goose - TheBeadedBead 3. Floral Hungarian Bridal Wreath - SharonEdelmanforEPEC 4. Marika SuperDuo Beaded Necklace - Lirigal 5. Floral Brooch - suegoodebeads 6. Beaded Wall Hanging - DowntheCopperLine 7. Bead Embroidered Flower Headpiece - idahobeadweaver 8. Summertime - Maewa 9. Flower Pendant - alterdeco 10. Paprika Pendant - Svetush 11. Kalocsa Folk Embroidery Necklace - MoonsafariBeads 12. Red and White Diamonds - beaglebeads 13. Hungarian Star Necklace - FrancescasFancy 14. Hungarian Folk Art Beaded Purse - ArtMasquerading 15. Hungarian Folk Art Woven Cuff - jess2bead  


  1. Good luck!!!
    very difficult to pick one ..all works are amazing!!!

  2. Beautiful entries and colors! Good luck to all!

  3. I voted! Wow, such beautiful pieces. It was definitely a hard choice.

  4. This was a hard one, but I selected the best from what was offered.