Monday, May 27, 2013

Spring swap 2013

Spring Swap 2013
This is our fourth annual Spring Swap. Each year we ask our members if they wish to participate in the Spring Swap.  They must be willing to create a bead woven item for one other member that is participating in the swap.  In February we asked our members if they wanted to participate for 2013 and 25 members volunteered.  The they were asked to fill out a questionarie of their preferences, sizes, and favorite colors.  Once the questionaries were returned the 25 members were then randomly circled paired with another participating partner.  The respective partners questionair was send out and each member had until April 30, 2013 to create and send a bead woven item for the paired partner (they created for one person and received a swap item from another one).  This was our 3rd year running the swap and the first time that one of the participants for personal reasons could not complete and send out their swap item to their assigned partner, so Marsha of HauteIceBeadwork (one of Etsy Beadweavers Moderators) kindly agreed to create and send out a swap item (without receiving one herself) so that all the participants that had created in faith an item received one in return.  Below are the list of the participants, their creations and who it was created for.

1. AbeadedWorld • designed for • Ajbead

2. Ajbead • designed for • Soby

3. Angelque Creations • designed for • GypsyEyes

4. BeadN4Fun • designed for • Angelque Creations

5. Beagle Beads • designed for • Crystal Wonders

6. Blue Star Art • designed for • AbeadedWorld

7. Bobbianncook • designed for • flagrantDesigns

8. Creations of Agape • designed for • njema

9. Crystal Wonders • designed for • SandysTreasure

10. Design by Mist • designed for • ile1974

11. flagrantDesigns • designed for • JosJewels1

12. GlitzandGlitter • designed for • Design by Mist

13. GypsyEyes • designed for • SallygoRoundthemoon

14. ile1974 • designed for • Creations of Agape

15. JosJewels1 • designed for • LightinStillness

16. KrisDesignFSP • designed for • Starwaves

17. HauteIceBeadwork • designed for • SoulshineCorningNY

18. njema • designed for • BeadN4Fun

19. SallygoRoundthemoon • designed for • Spring Colors

20. SandysTreasure • designed for • Bobbianncook

21. Sashasi • designed for • Beagle Beads

22. Soby • designed for • Blue Star Art

23. SoulshineCorningNY • designed for • Sashasi

24. Spring Colors • designed for • KrisDesignFSP

25. Starwaves • designed for • GlitzandGlitter

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  1. It was fun! My first time doing this swap, and I'll do it again for sure! Everyone did such a great job, such beautiful pieces!

  2. I have so been looking forward to seeing all the pieces created for this swap. All beautiful!! This was my second year participating. It is so much fun!

  3. I had a lot of fun participating in this years Spring Swap! The bracelet that I received from Sandy is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much again!
    All the pieces made for this swap are very beautiful. I hope to be a part of next years swap!

  4. everything looks gorgeous! i'm so happy it was a successful swap!
    Marilyn g

  5. I really enjoyed creating the Zodiac Moth Necklace for Anne of Sally Go Round the Moon; and the barrette I received from Jacquie of Angelque Creations is absolutely fabulous! Thank you one and all.

  6. This was such a great swap! I loved the gorgeous earrings I received from Crystal Wonders. They were perfect in color and length! Bobby Ann truly loved the bracelet I made for her which I really appreciate.