Friday, April 22, 2011

June 2011 Challenge "Heal the World"

For our June challenge, April challenge winner Anna Hatvani challenges us to "HEAL THE WORLD."

“Many of us work or volunteer at animal shelters, churches, and in other social fields, and all of us experience daily the wounds of the Earth. Imagine the future our children will inherit: nuclear catastrophies, epidemics, extinct species, environmental pollution, wasted water and energy, the effects of Global Warming, child abuse, and wars all around....
This is a great opportunity to raise awareness through your art. You cannot solve the world's problems on your own, but you can stand for a good cause, and tell us about it in BEADS!

Please write approximately 100 words describing your choice (providing some data on the matter) and please title your work to arouse interest. (If you are a kind of person who prefers to create harmonic and peaceful pieces, do not hesitate to enter this challenge - then show the ideal state)."

Here are some ideas to get you started:

You may start your entry today and list in your Etsy shop after the May challenge has ended and by midnight June 5th, 2011.

Any EBW member may create one new beadweaving of your own design and not a tutorial (not from a kit, book, magazine, or class) in response to the challenge theme. You work should be entirely beadwoven, or have a substantially woven component, to feature and promote our art form. You may not renew an existing piece and your work entry must be the original and not a tutorial of your design. Members are expected to participate in challenges when possible, and required to do so once each year. Start the weaving anytime after the theme is announced. Complete and list the work for sale on Etsy by the 5th of the month of the challenge, before midnight Etsy time. Your listing date is proof you entered by the deadline, so DO NOT RENEW your work until after the voting poll opens on the 9th. If your listing sells, you can still participate in the challenge, but please alert the moderators to the sale.

Your listing must include the following four (4) things:
1.The theme of the challenge. For example, “This (describe your work) was created for the Etsy Beadweavers Team (insert the month) challenge on the theme (insert the title of the theme).”
2.An explanation of how your work relates to the theme.
3.The address of our team blog where the voting will take place and the voting dates. For example, “Please visit our team blog, ( between the 9th and 15th and vote for your favorite entry.”
4.Tag your entry EBWC but not before the current challenge has ended. This is how we find your entry. Remove the tag after the voting poll closes, so entries for the next month’s challenge can be feature.

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