Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Swap between Esty Beadweaver Members

This year we once again asked members if they were interested in designing and creating something for another member of our team.  Those that were interested were provided with the interests and style of their partner and then challenged to create a piece specifically for them.  These are the results were amazing.
First Row:
1. Anna Hatvani to Jacquie Champion, 2. Callie Mitchell to Anna Hatvani, 3. Carol Holmes to Callie Mitchell, 4. Charlene Abrams to Carol Holmes, 5. Cheryl Boutilier to Charlene Abrams, 6. Chris Maj to Cheryl Boutilier,
Second Row:
7. Deb Andersen to Chris Maj, 8. Ginny Bracht to Deb Anderson, 9. Hadas Ferber to Ginny Bracht, 10. Jane Cucchiara to Hadas Ferber, 11. Jessie Yost to Jane Cucchiara, 12. Kinga Nichols to Jessie Yost
Third Row:
13. Lisa Fuller to Kinga Nichols, 14. Maria Nyberg to Lisa Fuller, 15. Mariya Zhalnina to Maria Nyberg, 16. Megan Baker to Mariya Zhalnina, 17. Melissa Kauffold to Megan Baker, 18. Mindy Patterson to Melissa Kauffold,
Fourth Row:
19. Orna Voloh to Mindy Patterson, 20. Rhiannon Fisk to Orna Voloh, 21. Ruthie Stickney to Rhiannon Fisk, 22. Silvia Sernicola to Ruthie Stickney, 23. Sue Charette-Hood to Silvia Sernicola, 24. Jacquie Champion to Sue Charette-Hood
Click each smaller images to see a larger image.
click map

Anna Hatvani to Jacquie Champion
Callie Mitchell to Anna Hatvani
Carol Holmes to Callie Mitchell
Charlene Abrams to Carol Holmes
Cheryl Boutilier to Charlene Abrams
Chris Maj to Cheryl Boutilier
Deb Andersen to Chris Maj
Ginny Brach to Deb Anderson
Hadas Ferber to Ginny Bracht
Jane Cucchiara to Hadas Ferber
Jessie Yost to Jane Cucchiara
Kinga Shaub to Jessie Yost
Lisa Fuller to Kinga Shaub
Maria Nyberg to Lisa Fuller
Mariya Zhalnina to Maria Nyberg
Megan Baker to Mariya Zhalnina
Melissa Kauffold to Megan Baker
Mindy Patterson to Melissa Kauffold
Orna Voloh to Mindy Patterson
Rhiannon Fisk to Orna Voloh
Ruthie Stickney to Rhiannon Fisk
Silvia Sernicola to Ruthie Stickney
Sue Charette-Hood to Silvia Sernicola
Jacquie Champion to Sue Charette-Hood


  1. What amazing pieces that everyone made and received

  2. Where can we see better photos of the individual pieces?

  3. I really don't see anything I don't like, but I absolutely loved the freeform cuff that Ginny made for me. It's amazing!! And I had so much fun coming up with something for Chris! I hope, if we do this again next year, I will be able to participate.

  4. Elen, we have modified the picture so that you can click on the individual photos and it will bring up a larger image. I must also say that I love the necklace that I received from Anna.

  5. Great swap results and WOW, LOVE the clickable collage!!!!! Thanks SO much for that!

  6. Everyone did a great job. Enjoy your new pieces.