Monday, December 3, 2007

While we were at the ballot box

Three of our BeadWeavers found themselves on the Etsy Front Page, at different times.

On November 26, Mrs. Peacock, in the Atelier, with a String of Pearls Bead Embroidered Purse by Darcy (aka thejadedog)graced the front page in this treasury

11-26-07 thejadedog makes front page!

The very next day, Susan (aka ClinkscalesArts) saw a pair of her beautiful crocheted hoop earrings on the Etsy Front Page for the second time. Here's a screen shot of the treasury they were on:

11-27-07 ClinkscalesArts on the front page!

And to start the month off on a perfect note, on December 1, the All that Glitters Recycled LP Bracelet created by Kelly (aka Tresijas) appeared on our monitors to brighten our morning:

We celebrate all of our successes, not just those on the beadweaving front ;) Congratulations, Darcy, Susan, and Kelly!


  1. Hey Carol Dean,

    Thanks for posting my front page appearance!!

  2. Great exposure ladies, congratulations.dawn