Sunday, December 16, 2007

2008 Bead and Button Show

The 2008 Bead and Button Show class catalog was published online on December 14. You can browse the classes, order souvenirs and special events tickets; and in just another month you'll be able to register for your favorite classes online!

The show, touted as the premier beading show in the world, is held every year in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This year it's at the Midwest Airlines Center from June 1 through 8.

There are hundreds of classes and workshops offered during the week of the show, in all sorts of techniques and media. This year they're introducing Fundamentals in Techniques workshops aimed at beginners, instructing them in a specialized area of study over three days. There are also Master Classes which focus on intermediate and advanced students; and there are General Education Classes which include bead stitches, loomwork, wirework, bead embroidery, bead crochet, and a huge variety of other techniques.

If you live near Milwaukee, or if you just want to have a vacation where you can overload on BEADS, check out the website. As a past attendee, I must warn you of a few things:
- The hotel (the Hyatt Regency, in downtown Milwaukee) has a block of rooms available for show attendees. Those rooms go quickly, so make your reservation early!
- Some of the classes fill up quickly, too, so if you're thinking of taking a class make sure you sign up as soon as they're available.
- Take lots of sturdy suitcases with you to haul away all the gorgeous beads you'll find offered by the exhibitors.
- Forewarn your family members that you're going to be beading like crazy for months after the show.

I've attended the show for the past three or four years, and I can't wait to return. The exhibits are open on Saturday and Sunday; and it takes both those days to make it through all the offerings. A lot of the exhibitors have special show pricing, so there are some great deals to be had.

Check out the website to see more info: Bead and Button Show


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  2. I might try to make it there this year... We'll see...:)