Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Etsy BeadWeavers in Step by Step Beads!

We love it when our members' creations are published, and if you peruse the pages of the January/February 2008 issue of Step by Step Beads you're sure to recognize Carol Dean Sharpe's signature cuff. Turn just a few more pages, and you'll find Leslie Rogalski's Comet Anemone bracelet!

Carol Dean Sharpe, whose Etsy shop is called SandFibers, creates cuffs in just about every color and pattern imaginable; and the patterns are, in most cases, her own designs. Within her shop you'll find everything from randomly-assembled blends of bead colors to stripes, braids, triangles, her signature spirals, and even a houndstooth pattern! Browse her shop some more, and you'll find rings, pendants, necklaces, amulet pouches, and other beautiful beadwoven masterpieces.

Leslie Rogalski,
whose Etsy shop is called Leslie19083, is the editor in chief of Step by Step Beads, as well as a contributing editor to two other publications. To me that sounds like a full-time job, but Leslie also manages to create original, unusual, and finely crafted bead jewelry! Her shop contains just a few of these goodies, but it's obvious from just viewing those few pieces that you're seeing the work of a talented bead artist.

Kudos to both Carol Dean and to Leslie! It's wonderful to see beadweaving presented as the artform we all know it to be.


  1. Congrats Carol - I love your designs. And Leslie, your necklace is quite inspiring. Beautiful work, ladies!

  2. Great Job ladies!You are both an inspiration to us to work our skills and creativity.dawn

  3. beauteous! I just went and bought the magazine! ;>)

    marilyn g