Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Etsy Beadweavers February 2016 Challenge: "The Solar System"

Sarah Cryer of  SarahCryerBeadwork has chosen "The Solar System" as the theme for February 2016:

In our house at the moment we are completely obsessed with our Solar System. My husband has a new telescope which we've been using to look at the moon and planets, so he's constantly coming up with new activities (last week we all watched the International Space Station whizz over us). Recently we saw a wonderful harvest moon, followed the same night by the lunar eclipse (so much better than last year's cloud covered solar eclipse), and last week I opened my newspaper to see some extraordinary new images of Jupiter's storms from the Hubble Space Telescope, so when it came to choosing a theme it seemed like the whole universe was shouting at me!
Anyway, our Solar System seems like wonderful inspiration for beaders - how about beaded beads making a necklace of planets, a scatter of rough natural crystals captured in freeform beadwork forming the Asteroid belt, or some bead embroidery inspired by the twisting stripes of Jupiter's storms? And if you get stuck you can always watch our favourite song for inspiration, or if you are feeling more sensible have a look at the Hubble website's gallery (don't get distracted by the far off nebulae though, please stick to our own Solar System).

Thomas (5) & Oscar's (2) favourite song:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2prtmPEjOc

The Hubble Gallery:hubblesite.org/gallery/

Note to team members: 

Entries must be listed on Etsy by February 5, 2016 23:59 EST. Please refer to the Challenge Rules to ensure that your entry has all the requirements and don't forget to include EBWC in the title and tags of your entry.

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  1. Chris, here I am..... I just made some progress, let's see how it will be to vote.
    I would like to participate on the next challenge (March),,,,just waiting to see what it will about.
    Keep warm, people :)