Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Voting for February Challenge "Nest"

The winner of the team vote in our November Challenge "Totally Twisted", Kris of KrisDesignFSP has a theme for our first challenge of the new year February 2012. And she would simply want to call it NEST. She has described her idea so well that I think it best to just quote her directly:
“It will still be winter in the Northern hemisphere in February and I believe thinking about nestling could make us feel comfortable. What I would like us to do: If you think about (or google for) "nest", you will find much more than birds building nests. Insects like bees, hornets and others also do.
So let´s get inspired by their pieces of art. Let´s see what ideas nature gives us. I´m sure, everybody will find a way to find their own interpretation of NEST……My intention is NOT building whatever nest in beads. When you think about what associations we have with the term "nest", it´s not necessary to construct a complete copy of a natural item.For me structures are important. You cut out a certain detail and transform it into beaded art, the main thing is that everybody will have the association NEST!

What did our entrants make of it? Please view this month's contest entries below.

Voting for this challenge runs February 9th - February 15th.

Please vote only once for your favorite!

1. Dryad seed bead necklace - AllasArt

2. Nest Egg Necklace - HauteIceBeadwork

3. The Gift of the Magpie - KraftKonfessions

4. Single Distlefink Nest Cuff - enchantedbeads

5. Bluebird Gift - Olgaterranova

6. Nest Egg Beaded Bead Pendant - MIDesign

7. Nest in Spring Garden - SpringColors

8. Nest for a Dragon's Egg - terran

9. SWANS all Loved Up - Starwaves

10. Driftwood Carnelian Nest Necklace - annamei

11. Nested Pearls necklace - AngelqueCreations

12. Nesting Owl Bead Embroidery Cuff - crimsonfrog

13. Beaded Cuff Bracelet - Skinny Wrapped - randomcreative

14. NEST Beadwoven Bracelet in Purple and Green - MegansBeadedDesigns

15. Deep Purple Bird Nest Loop Fringe Necklace - beadn4fun

16. Cheetah Jade beadwoven bracelet - Masai Mara - Kankou

17. Egg From the Nest of a Glorious Bird - TheBeadedBead

18. Loreng the Goblin's Nest - flagrantdesigns

19. Coffee bird nest necklace - BeadCatcher

20. The nest of a beaded bead - BoonieBeads

21. A Well Feathered Nest - gypsyeyesjewelry

22. Honeycomb - AsteropeBC

23. Gaia - Vicus

24. Spring Fling - josjewels1

25. Born in the sky barrette - BeadsForBeauty

26. Cocoon - BlissWorksStudio

27. Tribal Beadwoven Collar - LeafDroppings

28. LOVEBIRDs NEST - KrisDesignFSP

29. First Out of the Nest - BeadsNJane

30. Emergence - LaurenElise

31. Valentine Nest - Sobby

32. A Nest for Your Wrist - MaryTDesigns

33. Lacey Nest Necklace Brown Grey Ogalala Lace - playnwithbeads

34.Bead Embroidered Nest Pendant with Chain - iceboxgems

35. Mixed Media Beaded Art Bowl - ArtiZenBeads

36. Fill your nest with Love and Wine Beaded Stopper - jess2bead


  1. I will vote for #29 "First Out of the Nest". Absolutely beautiful!!!

  2. I was going to vote and see that your #33 and #34 don't match up with the pics shown.

  3. The voting poll will open at midnight PST time this evening, so you will be able to cast your votes at that time. CWWhitedogjewelry I have correct #33 and #34.

  4. As usual, this is gonna be tough. There are some awfully beautiful entries.

  5. I cast my vote for #21 "A well-feathered nest".

  6. I will vote for #23 Gaia - Vicus. Absolutely favorite!!!

  7. #28 Absolutely the designer that worked on the theme of challenge.I just wanted to be a bird in that lovely red nest.Gratz Kris!