Monday, July 26, 2010

Interview with Joyce Weeks of South Field Designs

Interview with Joyce Weeks of Southfielddesigns

Business Name:Southfield Designs/ Special Occasion Hair Jewelry at Southfield Designs
Real Name: Joyce Weeks
How did it come to be that you started working with seed beads?
I am a retired Early Childhood Educator. We relocated to the Berkshires in Ma. about 7 yrs.ago. Before that we lived on Long Island. I am married and we have 5 children and 9 grandchildren and one very adorable dog "Daisy". In my spare time I sing with local choral groups and appear in summer stock productions. I have always loved seed beads. Many years ago I made french beaded flowers and I still have some of those beads. I just love all of the colors that are available and I love the feel of seed beads.

Is there was any significance to the name of your shop?
The original name was "Crazy Daisy Designs" named for my dog who keeps me company when I bead.. but I learned that the name was already being used. I had to quickly come up with something... so I thought "why not use where I live" it is a tiny village and quite unique. But in my heart we will always be Crazy Daisy Designs.
What inspires you? I live in a very secluded area and I am always inspired by the insects, and colors that I can see from my studio.

Do you listen to music or TV while you work?
I generally have the TV on but I don't pay much attention to it.

Do you have common colors you work with? and What is your favorite color palette?
My favorite color palette sees to be in the purple/pink/green area..I really didn't know that until I looked at a table full of my designs and saw how often I use that palette. I love soft colors.
Do you have a favorite technique? Which one and why?
I enjoy doing Victorian syle beading and use that alot in my 'Beady Bugs'... but I also love peyote and working on a loom.

Do you do shows or vending of any sort? Where?
I do shows that are local to where I live thru out the year.

Do you teach beading classes? Where?
No... I haven't tried my hand at teaching yet.

Do you sell your work in any galleries/shops? Where?
I sell my pieces at the Red Lion Inn Gift Shop in Stockbridge,Ma.
Where do you see yourself in your business in 5 years?
I know for sure that I will still be beading in 5 years if my eyesight and fingers hold out. I can't imagine not beading


  1. It was nice reading the interview. I was an early childhood teacher too- so I found some commonality. Thank you for sharing it with us, fellow beaders. - Dita

  2. Great interview! Beautiful work, Joyce!

  3. Although I cannot bead, I am addicted to color. This blog satisfies my need for yummy eye candy