Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Interview with Isabella Lam of Bead4me

Interview with Isabella Lam of Bead4me
Business Name: Bead4me
Real Name: Isabella Lam

How did it come to be that you started working with seed beads?
I love creating with beads all sizes and shapes. However, working with seed beads is the unique way to accomplish the right angle, shape, and motion that I need to translate my fantasy to real piece of work.  I always believe that there is now such thing as matching colors. I know for sure that there is no such rule and in the right combination every color match. Each match is result of daring. Each daring creates amazing creations with beads.
How long have you been creating with seed beads?
Less than 4 years

Is there was any significance to the name of your shop?
Yes. The name Bead4me is exactly what I do. I bead always for me and enjoy addict others.

What inspires you?
Colors, Nature, Fashion Trends and all kind of stuff surround me.
Do you listen to music or TV while you work?
I can only listen, and really do not know how the actors look. I have forgotten how to see a movie without beading or exploring new pieces. 

Do you have common colors you work with?
Mostly bronze, turquoise, gold, white and pink. They are often base to my design.

What is your favorite color palette?
Mostly bronze, turquoise, gold, white and pink. They are often base to my design
Do you have a favorite technique? Which one and why?
I create using almost all-basic technique and try adjusting them to my needs. Mostly I use Peyote, Netting and Herringbone.

Do you do shows or vending of any sort? Where?
My jewelry are shown at my so call studio, dreaming of my really true studio.
Do you teach beading classes? Where?
Yesssssssss, And I love see other women who do not believe in themselves successfully creating beautiful jewelry for themselves or selling and creating other income.

Do you sell your work in any galleries/shops? Where?
Yes , I have some kind of exhibition our family bead shop.

Where do you see yourself in your business in 5 years?
I believe in the same business but in a bigger place with much more possibilities.


  1. Thanks Isabella for providing me with an insite into your world.

  2. Beautiful work! How nice to get to know a little about Isabella and her art.

  3. the ivory piece is my favorite