Sunday, May 16, 2010

May Challenge Winner-Embedded Colors in the World of Insects

Congrats to Ileana from Enchanted Beads with 20% of the vote for the win for this month's challenge!!!!

The Runner's-up are as follows:
18. Monarch-Butterfly Sculptural Beadwork Necklace - bead4me 101 (16%)
9. Dazzling Dragonfly Necklace Choker - crystalwonders 86 (14%)
24. Purple Crystal Jewelry Butterfly Wings - SpringColors 37 (6%)
16. Hewittson's Blue Hairstreak Butterfly Necklace - gypsyeyesjewelry 35 (5%)
11. Along the Garden Walk - BeadazzledofOregon 29 (4%)
21. Free Spirit Monarch Cuff Bracelet - GoodQuillHunting 26 (4%)
22. Hajari Art Necklace - Hokaiye 26 (4%)
3. Twirling Ladybugs - sagescupboard 21 (3%)
15. HUNKY CHUNKY - crownrosegems 19 (3%)

Thank you goes to all our gorgeous entries and to our voters! We really appreciate your participation!
Our next challenge is Phenomenon and voting will begin for that on June 9, 2010.


  1. Congratulations everybody! Great job!

    And, of course, special grats to Ileana. You did it!

  2. Congratulations to every one! All the entries were spectacular!

  3. Congratulations Ileana + all the runner up!!!!

  4. Oh my goodness, congratulations!!!!!!!

    That's so incredibly exciting-And I can see WHY you won :D

    In my mind, the win was completely deserved because that piece is just incredible.

  5. Uber congrats to Ileana and EBW! I am amazed at the stunning beauty from all of the eyes and fingers and hearts of this talented team.

  6. Congrats Ileana, and to everyone who entered the challenge, you are all winners in my book!!

  7. Congrats Ileana!! It was hard to decide on a winner.....all the pieces were so beautiful.

  8. Thank you so much for your generous and kind words!-ileana