Sunday, May 9, 2010

May Challenge-Embedded Colors in the World of Insects

This theme was chosen by Isabella, beads4me, the Winner of our April Challenge. To best decide the Winner, you can click on their links below the image. You can vote on your Favorite from May 9th to May 15th.

Many colors embedded in the world of insect. The insect has beautiful integrated colors, although they are tiny, their world is huge.
The fashion world sometimes makes the connection between them and other fields in our life and the results are always amazing and overwhelming.
The final school project of my daughter, Shani Lam, is a source of inspiration for me in designing beaded jewelry.
The idea of creating something with tiny raw materials with which we design is my theme for the May 2010 EBWC challenge.


1. Tanemahuta - beadmiracle
2. Honeybeads Bracelet - LaBellaJoya
3. Twirling Ladybugs - sagescupboard
4. Red Banded Hairsteak Butterfly - Jewelrybyjane29
5. Butterfly - annbooth9
6. My DragonFly Necklace - TerriFayeJewelry
7. Spring Butterfly Pendant - nemeton
8. Ladybug Lane Beadwoven Bracelet - njdesigns1
9. Dazzling Dragonfly Necklace Choker - crystalwonders
10. Ladybug, Ladybug Bracelet - MaryTDesigns
11. Along the Garden Walk - BeadazzledofOregon
12. Nature's Jewel Necklace - windyriver
13. Shades of Green Bracelet - Starwaves
14. Butterfly Beauty - ArtfulAr
15. HUNKY CHUNKY - crownrosegems
16. Hewittson's Blue Hairstreak Butterfly Necklace - gypsyeyesjewelry
17. Dragonfly's Playground Beaded Sculpture - HannahRachel
18. Monarch-Butterfly Sculptural Beadwork Necklace - bead4me
19. Bee My Honey - enchantedbeads
20. Monarch butterfly necklace - BrightB
21. Free Spirit Monarch Cuff Bracelet - GoodQuillHunting
22. Hajari Art Necklace - Hokaiye
23. Damsel Fly - KRDesigns11
24. Purple Crystal Jewelry Butterfly Wings - SpringColors
25. Ladybug in Red Necklace - FrancescasFancy
26. Dragonfly Dreams - greendragon9
27. A Taste Of Honey Bracelet - tenstoreylovesong
28. Butterfly Rainbows - daxdesigns

Thank you Ann of Francesca's Fancy for making this mosaic for us!!!


  1. I have to come back in a day or two to vote. Too many gorgeous pieces - difficult to decide. Well done all of you who participated in this challenge and Good Luck!

  2. Well done everyone. Absolutely gorgeous pieces, it was really hard to choose just the one!

  3. Can I vote twice? I love #9 AND 24!! Maybe #9 is my favorite....

  4. Great pieces and thanks for putting the mosiac together - we all benefit from it and its such a great way to enjoy the work of the team.

  5. I am definitely sweating this decision.... All so wonderful. Bravo!

  6. #9 does it for me! Stunning!!

    #10 is cute though - very simple and wearable.

    Glad to find this site - I've only just started on this area of jewellery design and I find it fascinating!