Monday, April 19, 2010

Interview with Louisa Meece of Beaded Extravagance

Business Name: Beaded Extravagance
 Real Name: Louisa Meece
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 Tell us a bit more about yourself?
 I am married, the mother of one daughter who will be an almost teenager soon! We live in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. I was born in Zimbabwe and lived most of my chilldhood in South Africa but am Portuguese by nationality. My family Imgrated to the United States in 1988. I work part-time at a local bead store. We live with 3 doggies, 5 cockatiels and 3 fish. 

How did it come to be that you started working with seed beads?
 Having lived in SA for so many years, the works that the native ladies created with seed beads always fascinated me. I love the textures that can be created with seed beads depending on the stitch and the type of beads used. When we lived in SA, there were no classes for bead weaving, so it wasn't until much later- late 1990's- that I found instructions on bead weaving and it took off from there.

How long have you been creating with seed beads?
 I have been beading with seed beads since I was about 4 - just stringing seed beads on the floor of my aunts' kitchen.
 Is there was any significance to the name of your shop?
 My sister actually helped me to chose the name of my shop. My pieces are usually rather elaborate and I wanted the name of my business to reflect that. I had a long list of different names, but my sister and I both agreed that this would best fit what I did.

 What inspires you?
 Nature, color combinations, patterns, other artwork.

 Do you listen to music or TV while you work?
 My MP3 player has a permanent spot to the left of my workspace! I listen to it when I bead. I have yet to master the art of watching tv and beading at the same time! :0)

 Do you have common colors you work with? 
I like to work with natural colors that compliment gemstones and cabs. Then I'll add some metallics and or chain, pearls or Swarovski Crystal. I occassionally will work in bright colors, but the natural browns, greens, blues and reds are my most common colors.

 What is your favorite color palette?
 I love combining turquoise and tigereye (brown). They play well off each other.

 Do you have a favorite technique? Which one and why?
 Yes, bead embroidery. It frees me up to create shapes and designs without the bounderies that come with say peyote or herringbone.

 Do you do shows or vending of any sort? Where?
 Yes, I participate in local Art Shows here in Cincinnati. I'm hoping to add maybe one more show to the two I do already.

 Do you teach beading classes? Where?
 I teach privately and at A World of Beads in Tri-County and Hyde Park.

 Do you sell your work in any galleries/shops? Where?
 Not currently- still looking into it.

 Where do you see yourself in your business in 5 years?
 I hope to have my work in a few local boutique style shops and particating in more of the local art shows.


  1. nice to know more about your Louisa. I love the sea shell breacelet

  2. Great interview. It's always fun to learn more about fellow EBW team mates.