Tuesday, April 27, 2010

April Esty Beadweavers Spring Swap

This spring some of our team members decided to particpate in a spring swap of beadwoven jewelry between members.  Many thanks to Ester of Green Envy and Christine of Christine's Beadworks for organizing the swappee partners.  I have been waiting to post the pictures of all the items so that it would be a surprise for those who had not yet received their piece.  I received mine in the mail today and all I can say is (OMG) and I hope everyone is as happy with their swap as I am the bracelet and earrings made for me by Charlene of Morethansomewhat.

Karina Houben to Ellen Shukis
Ellen Shukis to Hadas Ferber
Hadas Ferber to Carol Holmes
Carol Holmes to Laura Zeiner
Laura Zeiner to Charlene Abrams
Charlene Abrams to Jacquie Champion
Jacquie Champion to Susan Ivey
Susan Ivey to Aster Sadler
Aster Sadler to Ruthie Stickney
Ruthie Stickney to Christine Wilson
Christine Wilson to Naan Pocen
Naan Pocen to Olga Pettersson
Olga Pettersson to Patricia Vener
Patricia Vener to Lisa Savoy
Lisa Savoy to Marilyn Norman
Marilyn Norman to Nancy Dale
Nancy Dale to Esther Neijman
Esther Neijman to Louisa Meece
Louisa Meece to Marcy Abney
Marcy Abney to Deb Andersen
Deb Andersen to Karina Houben


  1. Great creations everyone!
    What a pity I missed it!
    Where and when was it announced?

  2. A plethora of beady eyed beauty!
    I adore my new earrings, thank you Deb. I have dubbed them "Jungle Love"!

  3. This is such a great idea. Good work Ester.

  4. A lot of fun, and Rita I hope you can make it the next time one is done. I can't remember when it was announced, sometime last fall???