Tuesday, February 16, 2010

February Challenge-Ocean/Sea-Winner

With a resounding 1504 votes our Winner with 338 votes (22%) is Imagined seas - Lauralia

The Runners-Up are as follows:
2. 220 (14%) -Dolphin and Mermaid - GoldenZelda
3. 171 (11%) -Wave swirls - Daniellart
4. 142 (9%) -Ocean Spirit - bead4me
5. 66 (4%) -POISON - debger
6. 63 (4%) -Bead Embroidered Purse Bottom of the Ocean - jodihorgan
7. 54 (3%) -Sea Urchin - triz
8. 48 (3%) -Ocean's Whisper - incim
9. 45 (2%) -Sea World - enchantedbeads
10. 39 (2%) -Oceans' Raging Calm Necklace - Njdesigns1

I am not certain of all the past challenges, but this one has to have been the biggest one and with the most Voters. Congrats to all who entered! You all did fabulous work and I am sure our Voters had a very tough time to decide!

Our next challenge is 'Fairy Tale' and this shall prove to be fun as well and voting on that will begin March 9th.

Our blog will be undertaking some changes soon. You will be seeing more entries from guest artists and interviews and so forth, so stay in touch, leave comments and keep coming back.


  1. Lovely piece, had a ball competing in the challange, by the way 5th is 6th and 7th is 6th and 5th is 7th(LOL)

  2. fantastic congrats to you all!!!!!! it was almost impossible to choose so you all deserve to celebrate! :)

  3. Congratulations Lauralia!! Congrats to all participants!! They were all truly winners in my book!!

  4. Let me be the first to congratulate you Lauarlia, what a wonderful necklace. It deffinately met the challenge beautifully.

  5. Thanks DEBGER!! sheeesh I have had problems lately LOL I fixed it! Congrats everyone!!!

  6. Congratulations Lauarlia. Great turnout this month. Can't wait to see what people come up with next month.

  7. Congratulations Lauralia! Pick a great theme for the next challenge.

  8. Congratulations Lauarlia, its a very nice jewellry!

  9. Congratulations! Gorgeous necklace--so many beautiful designs and so hard to make one choice!

  10. What an incredible turnout in volume, quality and beauty! Congrats one and all.
    I sure hope time will be on my side for the next challenge. It's been too long since I jumped into the pool with y'all!

  11. Congratulations. It is a truly spectacular creation!

  12. Congrats, Lauralia! Truely an outstanding batch of entries this month!

  13. Congratulations! And the blog looks great!

  14. awesome creations! Congratulations everyone!
    I haven't finished mine in time, as always ;-)

    just a question: at the end of the post it says that voting on the next challenge starts March 5th - is that a typo? or were the rules changed?
    if so, when's the deadline for the submission?

  15. Congratulations, guys! Great job!