Monday, February 8, 2010

February Challenge-Ocean/Sea Theme

Here we are in 2010 and we are ready to vote for the first time this year!! The challenge was chosen by the winner of the last Challenge - Melissa of Grakowsky. The elapsed time has been proven to be very fruitful with 46 entries this time around!! To best decide the Winner, you can click on their links below the image.

You can vote on your Favorite from Feb 9th to Feb 15th.
(This image is hosted by Flickr [as usual], but the number of entries has made it to where the image can only be so large while being hosted. I will see if I can fix it and do something else tomorrow-for now I recommend to go to the Artists link below to see a better view)

1. Caribbean Sea Blues Necklace - ambrosianbeads
2. Mermaid's Treasure Necklace - HannahRachel
3. the leafy series - ocean - randomcreative
4. Sea World - enchantedbeads
5. Treasures by The Sea - SmadarsTreasure
6. Iced Cap Ocean Silver Bead Woven Bracelet - Jewelrybyjane29
7. Beadwoven Glass Earrings - Red Coral - alatvian
8. Ocean Garden Set - AngelqueCreations
9. Oceans' Raging Calm Necklace - Njdesigns1
10. Sailor's Song - christinesbeadworks
11. The Mermaid Path - sagescupboard
12. Sea Urchin - triz
13. Surfing Waves Lariat Necklace - Starwaves
14. Wave swirls - Daniellart
15. The Black Sea Inspiration - ArtBeadwork
16. Breaking Waves Bracelet - MaryTDesigns
17. Shells and Seahorse - ArtfulAr
18. Calypso's Valentine Necklace - HauteIceBeadwork
19. Ocean Spirit - bead4me
20. Anfitrita's Bracelet - dreambeadweaver
21. Surf Pearls - lrcoastalart
22. Galveston - beadsandblooms
23. Tide Pool on a Cloudy Day - GinjaGirlDesigns
24. Tide Pool - sedonaskye
25. Purple Squid Brooch - annbooth9
26. The Little Mermaids Bracelet - BeadedExtravagance
27. Stormy Ocean Pools Necklace - wMarlaine
28. Ocean's Whisper - incim
29. Kelp Cuff - SophieBonneeDesigns
30. Amphitrite - Beadwoven Necklace - beadworkbyamanda
31. Ariel's Sweet Sixteen Bracelet - Stellaltinaan
32. Treasures of the Sea Brooch - roseworksjewelry

33. Finding Primo Lariat Necklace - sandystreasure
34. Bead Embroidered Purse Bottom of the Ocean - jodihorgan
35. Dolphin and Mermaid - GoldenZelda
36. Deep Blue - MadeByOlga
37. Imagined seas - Lauralia
38. POISON - debger
39. Rainbow Rockpool Pendant - nemeton
40. Sand and Sea Cuff - LaBellaJoya
41. Ocean Melange - MoreThanSomewhat
42. Beaded Cuff Moon over Stormy Waters - windyriver
43. Jewelry Seafoam - SpringColors
44. Stormy Seas Cuff - arosebyname
45. Ocean Deep Bead Embroidered Collar - glimmerstone
46. Ocean Waves Sea - beadshead

Thank you Ann of Francesca's Fancy for making this mosaic for us!!!


  1. What an amazing collection! It's so great to see so many pieces together at once. Good luck everyone!

  2. I have been tweeting this since I discovered it via another Twitter post! All the work is wonderful and its SO unfair to have to pick just one.

    Congratulations to each beader for such breathtaking work.

  3. It is great to see such participation for this challenge, there are some really wonderful pieces. Good luck to everyone

  4. What a great show case of talent! I wish I had more than one vote...

  5. OMG - This was an amazing challenge. I had to go back and forth and back and forth before I finally made myself choose just ONE. I would have voted for ALL of you! Great work.