Sunday, May 3, 2009

EBW 2009 Beaded Quilt to help fight breast cancer

Last year after reading about the Bead & Button Show and their auction to help fight breast cancer, I came across Jeanette Shanigan's website and her beaded quilts. Jeanette asks beaders around the world to donate individual beaded squares based on a theme. She then sews the squares together to make gorgeous quilts, mounts them in shadow boxes and donates them to be auctioned at the Bead & Button show. In 2008, these quilts raised nearly $4,400 for breast cancer research.

Being a member of the Etsy BeadWeaver's team (EBW), I knew we were sitting on a goldmine of talent. I asked the group if they would like to make squares to be included in Jeanette's quilts. I would collect all of the squares and submit them at one time in hopes that they would all be included in one quilt. Fifteen EBW members stepped up and created 35 squares to be included in a 2009 quilt. The theme for 2009 is "Bead artists have the heart to take on breast cancer" and I believe the EBW contributors did a magnificent job representing it.

Below is a mosaic I created of all of the EBW squares. This is not the actual quilt, only a digital version using photos I took of each square. Please visit the Bead & Button Show website to find out more information about the auctions, which will be held June 6, 2009. Below the mosaic is a list of contributors and links to their shops. Click on photo to see full size.

First row (l to r): Susan Clinkscales, Eddy Downing, Eddy Downing, JoJo Curley, Swanee Hielscher
2nd row: Swanee Hielscher, Swanee Hielscher, Swanee Hielscher, Linda Davis, Smadar Grossman
3rd row: Smadar Grossman, Smadar Grossman, Smadar Grossman, Lisa Savoy, Lisa Savoy
4th row: Lisa Savoy, Jama Watts, Jama Watts, Jama Watts, Kerrie Slade
5th row: Kerrie Slade, Kerrie Slade, Kerrie Slade, Victoria Thompson, Victoria Thompson
6th row: Victoria Thompson, Kim Shaver, Dawn Nelson, Melody Murray, Melody Murray
7th row: Ileana Munteanu, Ginny Bracht, Ginny Bracht, Ginny Bracht, Ginny Bracht

Posted by: Susan Clinkscales of Clinkscales Arts


  1. Wow, what a fantastic job you all did and for such a worthy cause.

  2. The entries are gorgeous. Thank you so much Susan for taking on this project!

  3. Wow, this turned out really nicely!

  4. They looks so great all together. :D

  5. The squares look stunning together in the mosaic! Well done everyone and thank you Susan for all your hard work coordinating this :0)

  6. You've all done a brilliant job, they look great!

  7. great!
    i sent mine to jeannette a long time ago- and i've been waiting to see what some of the squares looked like.
    thanks again for posting this!
    marilyn g

  8. EBW are the very best! You ladies did an amazing job. Unfortunately, my day job got in the way recently, so I didn't participate. Next year! Love to all...

  9. Absolutely inspiring. Makes me itch to stitch! Well done!!!

  10. amazing! I'm so glad I joined this group!
    This work is inspiring and at the same time humbling: am I good enough to participate?

    good luck ladies, and may you never know any sorrow.

  11. Great work for a great cause:) You guys are awesome.

  12. Weaving squares for this project's worthy cause has been a wonderful experience. Thank you Susan for coordinating!

  13. It was a pleasure gathering everyone's squares to send to Jeanette! I hope we can get many, many more participants for 2010! :D