Thursday, April 30, 2009

June Challenge Theme

The April EBW Challenge was won by Vezsuzsi of beadsbyvezsuzsi. Her prize, as always, is getting to choose our next Challenge Theme. Here is what Vezsuzsi had to say:

Let’s have fun!
When I saw Beadwoman’s necklace at the Time Machine theme, I just loved the humour in it! That’s why I would like to choose HUMOUR for June’s challenge. Humour is international and it has several forms: intelligent, absurd, simple, plebeian etc. I would like to see many-many funny jewellery pieces! Let’s laugh heartily!

The Challenge has been issued and it sounds like lots of fun - in more ways than one! What are you going to come up with? Take up the challenge and create your version of Humor! There are so many possibilities.

You can start today and complete and list it by midnight Etsy time, June 5, 2009!

Any style, any technique with a majority of beadweaving is welcome.
ONE only entry allowed per person.
The piece MUST be created between April 30, 2009 and June 5, 2009.

See our FAQ here for all of the details on the rules of our challenges.


  1. Wow... It's gonna be fun! ;)

  2. This is an interesting theme! Great idea, so many possibilities :0)

  3. Can't wait to see what comes from this one!

  4. Need to get the mind cranking this morning! What an interesting challenge theme!

  5. Im so glad I could inspire you to pick this theme! Sounds like fun (I had a great time making my iNecklace)!

  6. Thanks for the great idea!
    Next month I foresee the same old difficulty in voting for just one,
    combining with aching tummies from laughter

  7. oooh - this group is gonna get totally creative with this challenge! can't wait to see what comes of it.

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  9. I am very glad you liked my idea..:))

  10. ooooh, I am all about this theme :) Thanks for the opportunity!