Monday, February 16, 2009

Tropical Holiday Challenge Winner

With 47 entries from the members of the Etsy Beadweavers team, this challenge had more participants than ever before! Maybe it's the cold weather, but our members really seemed to enjoy the Tropical Holiday challenge theme, pulling out their brightest beads and creating some of the most elaborate pieces seen to date.

Although choosing among the 47 beautiful entries was difficult, almost 700 people took on the task and chose the Tropical Treasures necklace created by Mariya of BeadCatcher.

Of her piece, Mariya says:
Ocean, weaves, shells on the beach... Yes, the necklace will remind you your Tropical Paradise! The center piece of the necklace is beaded deep blue glass cabochon with a diver! Was it you searching for the lost treasures on the ocean bottom? Curious tropical fish, open shell with real pearls, seaweed, anemones, beadwoven starfish and even beadwoven jellyfish (no worry, just glass beads!). Jellyfish fringe-like tentacles are hiding two small teal and blue glass fish.
The runners up in the Tropical Holiday challenge are:
Second: Tropical Garden by: SpringColors

Third: Tropical Holiday by: veroque

Fourth: Tropical Paradise Necklace by: CieloDesign

Fifth: Tropical Nights by: SmadarsTreasure

Sixth: Pink Flamingo Fantasy Necklace by: gypsyeyesjewelry

Seventh: Island Treasure Chest by: BeadazzledofOregon

Eighth: Tropical Rainforest Getaway by: Bead4you

Ninth: What if I'm a Mermaid by: ThesePreciousThings

Tenth: Blue lagoon necklace N961 by: FleurDeIrk
The Etsy Beadweavers are already busy working on their entries for the next theme, Temptation. Read more about the March challenge here.


  1. What an amazing piece! Very creative and beautiful!

  2. Congratulations Mariya!
    This is such a colorful, whimsical piece. You must have really enjoyed creating it. I certainly enjoy looking at it, and some lucky lady will soon have the joy of wearing it and attracting admiring/ envious glances!
    Another Congratulations is in order for the whole team for creating such an amazing menagerie of entries!
    PS Is anyone working on Temptation yet?

  3. Congratulations on winning, Mariya. Can't wait to see what theme you come up with for your challenge.
    Everyone, you all had lovely entries. It was so hard to choose this time. You were all so creative.

  4. Well done Mariya - an amazing piece and a worthy winner! Looking forward to hearing what you've picked as the next theme. Congratulations!

  5. Congratulations!!! stunning piece!!!

  6. Congrats to Mariya! Well done, it is fabulous.

  7. Congratulations Mariya! I love your entry, there is so much to look at - beautiful design!

    Well done on all the great entries everyone :)

    Great design!

  9. Congratulations, Mariya! This is truely an outstanding piece.

  10. Congratulations Mariya for taking the top honor! You should be proud of yourself and proud of your entry. Your necklace is a stunning work of art!

  11. Congrats, Mariya, it's an amazing piece!

  12. Congratulation Mariya! Your necklace is truly a work of art!

    Everyone, you all made it soo hard to choose just one! Congratulations!!

  13. Congratulations Mariya! Your piece is stunning! And congratulations to everyone else - I had a very difficult time choosing which one to vote for. Well done!

  14. Many thanks to MaryLou for preparing this post!

  15. Congratulations Mariya! This piece just spoke to me. I could see someone wearing this piece on our bead cruise next weekend.
    Congratulations to everyone who entered. Beautiful work by all!

  16. Beautful! Thanks so much for sharing this with us!