Saturday, January 31, 2009

March Challenge Theme

Our last challenge winner was Karin of Gypsy Eyes Jewelry and as always, her prize is choosing the next theme.

Karin and I exchanged a few emails about her theme "Temptation" and here is what she says about it:

This past weekend I was listening to some Tom Waits whilst sitting at my workbench..... beading, of course. The song "Temptation" came on. Temptation? Hmmmm.......

We could safely bead representations of our guilty pleasures perhaps: No more bon-bons on my lips and hips! Draping around my neck or dangling from my ears instead.

Or make something so beautifully bejeweled as to tempt all who lay eyes upon it.

Or we could give in to the temptation to attempt that great masterpiece that requires stepping out and trying something totally new to us.

I hope that the individual interpretation of the theme allows us to learn something new about each other and ourselves. Too deep? Okay, let's just have fun with this!

Sounds to me like a Tempting theme!

You can start today, January 31, 2009 and complete and list it by midnight Etsy time, March 5, 2009!

Any style, any technique with a majority of beadweaving is welcome.
ONE only entry allowed per person.
The piece must be created between January 31, 2009 and March 5, 2009

See our FAQ here here for all of the details on the rules of our challenges.


  1. Oooh great theme Karin! My mind is working overtime already, so many temptations ...

  2. Lovely theme, Karin. Now to try to think of something to go with it. Hmmmmmmmm

  3. Tom Waits-inspired themeage, I love it!

  4. Temptation. Oh wow, this one will take some thought. Should be very, very interesting!!

  5. ...tempted to try something very different...

  6. Oooo, very awesome theme. I have to really think about it though.

  7. I haven't entered in over a year, and I'm determined to do it this time. Hope I can stick to the plan !