Friday, November 28, 2008

January/February Challenge Theme

Two months ago, our challenge winner was two winners who were tied; triz and SmadarsTreasure. Last month, we had a single winner and that was triz, so she was able to choose our next theme, all by herself!

Here is what triz has to say about it when I asked her if she'd come up with something yet:

I actually finally came up with something last night: Tropical Holiday

After all the snow what could be better than escaping to a tropical paradise! :-)

I know how she feels. Even though winter hasn't really set in here yet, I'm dreaming of a warm holiday. What about you? Yes? Then take those dreams and turn them into something wonderfully beadwoven for our January/February Challenge!

Yes, this is a busy time of year and that is why we are giving you from November 30, 2008 until February 5th, 2009 to get it done! It's the first challenge of the new year so it's your exciting opportunity to get going by participating early in the year.

Any style, any technique with a majority of beadweaving is welcome.
ONE only entry allowed per person.
The piece must be created between November 30th, 2008 and February 5th, 2009.

See our FAQ here for all of the details on the rules of our challenges.


  1. Talk about shifting gears!!! I'm drawing an immediate and total blank. Need more coffee!)

  2. Great theme Triz - I could do with thinking about something warm and sunny, it's ffffffreezing here!

  3. Hrmmm. *puts on thinking cap*
    Great theme!

  4. Love it, the chance at a daydreaming/virtual trip to the tropics to warm these bones!

  5. This should be a really fun theme. Thanks Triz.

  6. great theme! it'll help warm my winter. :D

  7. Great theme. Hmm.. maybe I can get something finished in 2 months. I bought special beads for Snow Queen and never got it started.

  8. This is the first challenge I've been able to consider since I joined the group a few weeks ago. Hmmm...I will be spending two weeks in Sunny Florida for Christmas and will surely be inspired to come up with a design. This sounds like a lot of fun!

  9. Just as the cold winter winds have begun to blow!!!

  10. Sending this award to EVERYONE at EBW. It's quite a networking tool!:

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  11. I am working on this challenge at the moment. I can't wait to participate!