Friday, July 18, 2008

Meet EBW Member Patrizia Tager

1. How did you get started with beadweaving?

As a little girl I was taught by one of our babysitter to make my own loom out of a shoe box and to weave beaded bracelets on it. I remember loving it but somehow it was pushed aside and forgotten. As I grew up I pursued different artistic avenues. I graduated with a B.A. Hons. In Fashion Design and went on to study photography, but eventually I became a desktop publisher. About 3 years ago, when my son turned one and started day care a few times a week, in desperate need to do something creative I took the opportunity of a few free hours a week to enrol myself in 4 basic beading classes at the local bead shop. That was the beginning of my obsession. The classes weren't enough, so I started buying beadweaving books and magazines and found myself discovering a whole new world that I did not even know existed.

2. What is your favorite part of beadweaving?

My favourite part of beadweaving... I don't have a favourite part, I love it all!!! From buying the beads, to choosing the colour scheme, to learning new techniques, to sitting for hours in complete solitude with my work which I find very meditative, to finally seeing my vision realised in front of me.

3. Please tell us one little known or unknown fact about yourself?

My other "obsession" is tattoos, I have 20 and would love more but am scared of running out of skin!

4. What inspires you?

I really get inspired by everything. I find myself drawn to ancient civilizations and their arts but I am equally moved by modern design and nature. Colours that fit my mood at a given time are also where I draw my inspiration from. I often design a piece simply because I feel like using a particular colour to recreate a particular mood. And last but not least, I get inspired by the beads themselves and the opportunity for freedom of creativity that this medium allows.

5. Do you have a favourite piece you created?

My favourite piece is almost always the one I'm working on. I have to fall in love with the piece as I'm making it, otherwise it would never get finished, but if I had to pick just one it would be the Eye of the Storm necklace which was my entry for the EBW Stormy Whether Challenge.

Triz was recently published for the first time in Flatwork by Nicole Campanella.

Nicole, says about the book:
"FlatWork" is a beautiful beading projects book. Full of inspirational gallery pieces of flatwork created by artists from around the world. You will be completely inspired to create all of the projects in this amazing book. Traditional projects such as, Rosette necklaces, Bolo with a surprise, Three Ring wristband, and Appliqué flower. Contemporary tiered, shelved, and textured Flatwork. I have also included my wire flatwork projects, to mention just a few. I show systematically how to work basic Flatwork to create amazing pieces of art.

Read what Triz has to say about Flatwork. You can see more beautiful art jewelry pieces by Triz at Triz Designs on Etsy.


  1. Lovely interview! It's fun to learn more about the wildly talented Triz!

  2. Love learning abit more about fellow team members:)

  3. Triz is one of my favorite bead artists! Thank you for this interesting interview.


  4. Wonderful interview. I love hearing more about my EBW friends.

  5. Thank you for sharing a piece of your life with us, Triz, a very important one, I guess. You are very talented and I am glad you found this wonderful medium. Your work is beautiful!

  6. And thank you, Marlaine, for doing this...

  7. I adore Triz as a person and love her work! Nice to read this :)

  8. Great interview. It's always nice to learn a little more about our EBW members.

  9. 20 tats! Someone has a much better pain threshold than I do. In any case, that same someone makes beautiful bead work!


  10. I love all of Triz's work. What a great article.

  11. All of Triz's work is gorgeous, and the blog article about her is great---it's good to put a face, so to speak, with her work.

    ( I only have one tattoo, but my daughter has 8 and 'threatens' to cover herself- hmmmm ;>) )

    thanks for the articles, as well, Marlaine.

    marilyn g

  12. Triz is one talented beadweaver - I love all her work and I love reading her blog!

  13. Thanks Marlaine for putting this together, it looks great! and thank you all for your lovely comments!!! :-)

  14. Triz makes lovely work. Her designs are great!
    I don't think I will ever have tattoos, cos am afraid of needles.

  15. i love triz's work and it was great to read how she got started and about how she works. thanks for a great interview!

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    I love to read about other bead artist, it makes me realize that I'm not alone with my obsession of beads :O)

  19. Congratulations on the interview Triz. I have to say that knowing Triz over the last year has been my pleasure. Triz is not only a fantastic bead artist, she is now teaching. The emails I have received about her classes are more than fantastic!. If you live near Triz be sure to sign up for one of her classes. You rock Triz and keep on doing what you love.
    Your Friend
    Nicole Campanella/Beadwright

  20. triz is my favorite artist. you make amazing designs.keep doing a great work

  21. Triz is extremely talented and creative and her work is always amazing.

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    It's so good to learn a little more about our fellow team members and I love your work!

    Kerrie :0)