Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Spring Break! Etsy BeadWeavers Challenge.

Once again, the Etsy BeadWeavers have risen to the challenge:
Picking just one of these beauties as your favorite is now YOUR challenge.

1. Poseys on the Fence Bracelet by KathysKraftyKreation

2. Break Forth - Porcelain Butterfly Cabochon Necklace by onathousandhills

3. Mostly Orange Bead Embroidered Clutch by thejadedog

4. Passion Flower Earrings by triz

5. Spring Necklace by Emarah

6. Spring Break - Pendant Necklace by totallytwisted

7. Below Sea Level by myfairladyvt4

8. Pink Fire Necklace by clairecreations

9. Arizona Spring Break-Turquoise and Silver Bracelet by KathysKraftyKreation

10. Blue Tinged Pink Dragonfly Necklace and Gold Dangly Earrings by LauriDesigns

11. Tropical Dreaming, Necklace by LauriDesigns

12. Cometary Dawn, A Bead Netting Necklace by SilverDragon

13. Spring Daffodil Bangle by arosebyname

14. Jardin des Fleurs by hands2heal

15. Seaside by hands2heal

16. Berry Berry Bauble by blualmond

17. The Spring Garden of Love - Necklace and Earrings Set by TulipsTreasureBox

18. Cabana Belle Bracelet by farfrumplainjane

19. The Magnolias Are Coming by hibiscusblue

20. First Sign of Spring - Beadwoven ACEO by time2cre8

21. Maia, The Pony of Spring by AnotherCountry

22. Spring Splash Peyote Spiral Bangle Bracelet by SalamanderHouse

23. Spring Spirale Rope Necklace by flowercreations

24. Spring In The Forest by DantesSpirit

25. Spring Garden by AmethystRavenstar

26. Sandy Beaches by AmethystRavenstar

27. Waterlilies, Spring Reflection by thebeadedlily

28. No Rules Apply, It's Spring Break by dawnchastain

29. Dragonfly in the Spring by noeasybeads

30. Till it Comes by enso

31. Cottage Garden Bracelet by cigarboxbeads

32. Marianne Doesnt Like Winter in Nebraska by thejadedog

33. Flitter Flatter Flutter by GreenEnvyDesigns

34. Sunflowers by triz

35. Cancun Sunset - Freeform Netted Cuff by vickijensen

36. Spring Break by RegalBeads


  1. What a stunning collection of beautiful beadweaving!!

  2. Once again, the challenge brings out something for everyone - the breadth of diversity is amazing! Good job, all!!

  3. A collection of joyful pieces. Beautiful work. Its always very hard to choose.

  4. Awesome collection - so hard to just vote for one!

  5. What a diverse interpretation of Spring Break! This is going to be a tough decision.

  6. my favorite time of the year, and some of my favorite pieces of beadwork!!!

  7. They are all so gorgeous how is one suppose to choose only one favorite? Amazing work everyone!!

  8. absolutely awesome. they are all stunners. Not sure how anyone could possibly choose just one. ann

  9. How to choose just one? Stunning work.

  10. The variety that our members put out is amazing to me. What a range! Wonderful work everyone. One of these years I'll get one done.