Monday, February 25, 2008

A Milestone for Etsy BeadWeavers

This morning a search for the tag "ebw" on Etsy returned the following results -

>>> 1,000 <<<
Beadwoven items tagged with "ebw" by Etsy BeadWeavers!!!

If you haven't run this search yourself, do so now and be amazed by what a varied and wonderful selection of goodies we offer Etsy buyers.


  1. The sheer diversity of the beautiful beadwoven items returned by this search is mind-boggling. There is a huge amount of creativity & talent in this group!

  2. WOW! Here's to the next 1,000!!

  3. and---------woo hoo--I was able to get right on here---a sign of a good week~

    marilyn g

  4. I run that search frequently before I pick items to go in a treasury. I always find something wonderful!

  5. that is so awsome :) i can't believe how much work it must total in hourse to have 1000 available items! WOW

  6. That is so awesome. Makes me even more Inspird to make more stuff.