Monday, November 26, 2007

November Challenge - Caught in a Net - Time to Vote!

The Challenge entries are in, and we have more than ever before! There are 31 entries by 22 of our members. You can see them all in the mosaic, but you'll want to click the individual links to check out these gorgeous pieces. And don't forget to vote for your favorite!

1. Royal Copper Lace, by arosebyname

2. Netted Fringe Explosion Choker, by cigarboxbeads

3. Beaded Netting Necklace, My Blue Lagoon, by nardiesarttowear

4. Capturing The Stone, by noeasybeads

5. Moss Agate, Green Netting Necklace, by LauriDesigns

6. Lacy Netted Collar, by clairecreations

7. Sweet Dreams, by totallytwisted

8. Caught in a Bronze Net Beadwoven Bracelet, by SandFibers

9. First Frost, Netted and Coral Fringed Necklace, by cigarboxbeads

10. Caught in a Net Captured by Pearls Bracelet, by noeasybeads

11. Mist on the Lake, by thebeadedlily

12. Beaded Holiday Evening Bag, by Forbesfarm

13. Champagne Bubbles Freeform Netting Bracelet, by myfairladyvt4

14. Beautiful Blues Netted Bracelet, by SandFibers

15. Arizona Copper Necklace, by KathysKraftyKreation

16. Caught in a Net, by bylynette

17. Winter Ice Bracelet, by LauriDesigns

18. Copper Bangle Watch, by LauriDesigns

19. Caught in a Net, Necklace, by LauriDesigns

20. Bead Woven Netted Gold Flower Bracelet, by MistyRidgeBeads

21. A Gift from Neptune, by Tresijas

22. Snow Garden Waltz, by DantesSpirit

23. Netted Pearl Cuff, by maneklady

24. Turquoise and Teal Freeform Netting Bracelet, by myfairladyvt4

25. Netted Christmas Ornament, by clairecreations

26. Beadwoven Matt Golden Large Christmas Ornament with Pearls, by beadbug

27. Princess Anastasia, by RegalBeads

28. Flowers in the Net, by Beadaholics

29. A Twist of Lime - Ruffly Beadwoven Necklace, by time2cre8

30. Russian Royalty, by RegalBeads

31. Aurora Borealis Netted Panel, by SalamanderHouse


  1. What an incredible selection! And I think our photographs are getting better too ;)

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  3. Absolutely Fantastic Entries!! Can't wait for the next round to start. and yes, I voted! dawn

  4. The entries are fabulous!! I still haven't chosen the one I'm voting on.

    One of these days I'll get a challenge piece finished and I'll get to enter! :P

  5. Gorgeous beadwork you talented people! I voted. I'm letting you know here beacuse the other link you posted does'nt seem to be working. Good luck to you all.

  6. I voted but it was very difficult - so many gorgeous pieces !

  7. OUTSTANDING WORK!!!! I can't pick just one!