Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Etsy Front Page Appearances!

Our members certainly create beautiful beadweaving, and every once in awhile one of our pieces is chosen for an Etsy Treasury that winds up on the front page. That's grounds for celebration!

Susan (aka ClinkscalesArts) made an appearance with her crocheted earrings. While these aren't beadweaving, they're still beautiful and noteworthy! Those are hers in the third row, third column.

The next appearance was by Swanee (aka MistyRidgeBeads), whose beadwoven bracelet joined this extremely colorful collection. Like Susan, Swanee's bracelet was in the third row and third column. This Treasury was truly eye-popping!


  1. congratulations to you both! I hope the exposure treats you both well.

  2. Thanks for the feature, MaryLou! It was a thrill to be on the front page. Congrats to Swanee - that is a magnificent work of art!