Thursday, October 25, 2007

Proudly presenting the entries in October's Etsy BeadWeavers Challenge
Study in Monochrome

October EBWC smaller version

Don't fret: even larger, individual pictures are below for your careful review! :D And remember to vote for your favorite.

1. Dusty Lavender Fringe - Beadwoven Necklace
by time2cre8

2. Many Shades of Royalty -- Purple Freeform Bead Bracelet
by ForbesFarm

3. Bronze lights Bracelet
by clairecreations

4. Blue
by DantesSpirit

5. Pink Princess Bracelet and Ring Set
by Patchers7

6. Who Got The Blues Cuff Bracelet by Sooz
by BoodlersBeads

7. Dutch Spiral Bracelet
by noeasybeads

8. Anyone can whistle necklace
by enso

9. World on a String Necklace
by ambrosianbeads

10. For the love of Pink
by LauriDesigns

11. Study in Iolite
by thebeadedlily

12. Pearl Waterfall Necklace
by nardiesarttowear

13. Seismic Wave Peyote Cuff
by Tresijas

14. Fractured Orchid - Ruffly Beadwoven Necklace
by time2cre8

15. Delica Triangles Bracelet
by BeadJewelryShopGirl

16. Beadwoven Leaves and Vintage Brass Button Bracelet and Earring Set
by beadbug

17. beaded picture - Green Lady Green Mother Gaia
by LauriDesigns

18. Green Ruffles
by DantesSpirit

19. October - Freeform Bead Bracelet
by totallytwisted

20. Gold Rush Log Cabin Braid Peyote Cuff
by SandFibers

21. Shades of Silver
by maneklady


  1. Each challenge gets better and better. The beadweaving enteries for this month are spectacular!!

  2. How am I possibly going to choose ? Can we vote for 4 or 5 ???

  3. I know exactly how you feel, retrothreads . . . the choice was difficult . . . but what a nice problem to have ;)

  4. Wow, great work here! It was really hard to decide, but 10 minutes later, I finally cast my vote. ;-)

  5. Finally decided to go with the one that kept "grabbing" my attention !

  6. It's amazing that we come to these challenges from so many different directions!