Friday, October 12, 2007

October Challenge Theme - A Study in Monochrome

Congrats to Helena and her gorgeous winning piece for the September challenge! The winner of the challenge chooses the theme for the next month and Helena has chosen "A Study in Monochrome" as the theme for October.

Monochromatic colors are all the hues (tints and shades) of a single color. As a result, the energy is more subtle and peaceful due to a lack of color contrast.

EBWC for a sneak peak at the entries for our October challenge! To see all of the other fabulous pieces being created by the Beadweavers team, search EBW.


  1. This monochromatic theme has sparked some serious conversations as my friends critique my work!!I've had to start over 3 times!!

  2. ROTFL, all I had was the husband's in put on a name}:P