Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Winners February Challenge "The Colors of Love"

Here are the results for the February Challenge “The Colors of Love”.  Thank you to the 11 members who created some truly gorgeous pieces!

 Team Vote 52 votes
1st Place: Bracelet with Roses – SpringColors with 11 votes (21.25%)
2nd Place: Bead Embroidery Brooch – BenitaStyleBG with 9 votes (17.31%)
3rd Place: tie The Colors of Love-Amethyst bead embroidered bracelet – JudesArt and Color of Love Heart Brooch – MaryTDesigns each with 7 votes (13.46%)

Public Blog Vote 137 votes
1st Place: Valentine’s DayNecklace – Svetush with 56 votes (41%)
2nd Place: Bead EmbroideryBrooch – BenitaStyleBG with 34 votes (25%)
3rd Place: Color of LoveHeart Brooch – MaryTDesigns with 13 votes (9%)

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