Friday, August 28, 2015

EBW October 2015 Challenge: "Abstract Painting"

Our challenge theme for October was chosen by the winner of the August team vote Laurie Moravec from WearableArtByLaurie:

"Abstract Painting"

The great thing about abstract painting is that you have a vast range of options. It can represent something real... or not! Any color combination, any style, any texture. Just select a color scheme and create your own masterpiece, make it look as much like you painted it as possible.

Notes to team members: 

This challenge is all about creating your own "painting", please do not copy in full or in part existing works. It is important to include some details of your inspiration for your entry and if you were inspired by a specific artist please mention it in your listing but do not include images of that artist's works as it will constitute copyright infringement. 

Please check the challenge rules to see what details must be in your listing. The entry must be listed in your Etsy shop by October 5th 2015.

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