Friday, May 22, 2015

May 2015 Challenge Winners


Let's start off this month by announcing the winner of the public vote, congratulations to Edita Kricenaite!


Total Votes Cast: 151

1st place: Edita Kricenaite from RebelSoulEK - 30 votes (20%)

2nd place: Chris Maj from beadn4fun - 23 votes (15%)

3rd place: Zvia Ben-Ami from zviagil - 20 votes (13%)

4th place: Hannah Rosner from HannahRachel - 19 votes (13%)

5th place: Ileana Munteanu from enchantedbeads - 18 votes (12%)


Our team vote was characterised by ties and we have several winners to announce. In 1st place, a 3-way tie between Chris Maj, Sarah Cryer and Hannah Rosner:


1st place joint winners:

Chris Maj from beadn4fun, Sarah Cryer from SarahCryerBeadwork and Hannah Rosner from HannahRachel with 8 votes each (21%)

Chris Maj's entry:

Sarah Cryer's entry:

Hannah Rosner's entry:

2nd place joint winners:

Edita Kricenaite from RebelSoulEK and Karen Parker from WizardIslandDesigns

Edita Kricenaite's entry:

Karen Parker's entry:

3rd place joint winners:

Diana Coe from BeadworkAndCoe, Ileana Munteanu from enchantedbeads and Mariya Zhalnina from BeadCatcher

Diana Coe's entry:

Ileana Munteanu's entry:

Mariya Zhalnina's entry:

Congratulations everyone!

Thanks to all who participated in the May 2015 “Inspired By Chihuly” Challenge and to everyone who voted!

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