Sunday, November 16, 2014

Congratulations to the winners of our November Challenge The Perfect Present!

 Congratulations Team Co-winners Sandra and Angie!

Congratulations to our EBW Team Co-winners for the November Challenge “The Perfect Present”. Sandra of TrinketsBeadwork for her Gold and Olive Necklace and Angie of RedTulipDesign for her Shibori Bracelet. Both had 8 votes or 12% and together they will choose the theme for our February Challenge!
Gold and Olive Necklace bySandra of TrinketsBeadwork

Shibori Bracelet by Angie of RedTulipDesign

A Three way tie for second place goes to Judith of JudesArt‘s Bead embroidered necklace in neutral tones with pearls, Marsha of HauteIceBeadwork for her Butterfly Collection Necklace, and Chris of ArtMasquerading for her Drawstring Beadwoven Bag in Citrus and Melon. Each had 7 votes or 11%

A Four way tie for third place goes to Mary of MaryTDesigns for her Beadwoven Flower Brooch, Cath ofSamohtaC’s Evil Eye, Bead Embroidery Necklace Pendant and Earrings by Albena of BenitaStyleBG, and Purple Ebony Star Necklace by Ann of FrancescasFancy. Each with 3 votes or 5%

Thanks to all our wonderful Entries for their ideas of the Perfect Present! Since any one of these beauties would make a lovely gift, the votes were nicely spread out with lots of ties.


Pink and Black Leaf Gift Set by Shine from OfYourLove

Congrats Public vote winner Shine!

Congratulations to the winner of our Public Blog vote, Shine from OfYourLove for her Pink and Black Leaf Gift Set with 20% of the vote. Second place goes to Angie RedTulipDesign for her Shibori Bracelet with 14% of the vote. And Third place to Chris of ArtMasquerading for her Drawstring Beadwoven Bag in Citrus and Melon with 8% of the vote.

Thanks to all who entered all those beautiful pieces that would make a perfect present for anyone!

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