Thursday, October 16, 2014

Congratulations Fan Blog Winner Raven!

A Special Message for Those Who Know How to Listen by Raven

 Mariya of BeadCatcher, winner of the Scotland the Brave challenge for her Scottish Thistle Set named the October challenge theme "Owl Totem". Here are the Fan Blog Vote results for the challenge: Total votes 208

1st Place goes to "A Special Message for Those Who Know How To Listen" by Raven of tattooedraven with 78 votes ... o-know-how

2nd Place goes to Shine from OfYourLove for her "Amethyst Owl Totem" with 75 votes ... -owl-totem
3rd Place goes to Susan of dreambeadweaver for her Peyote "Tecolote Dia de Muerta" Owl Bracelet with 16 votes ... muerta-owl

Thank you to all the 11 Beautiful entries!

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