Thursday, October 17, 2013

October Challenge "The Art of Geometry" Winners

Congratulations to Zvia of zviagil for winning the blog vote in our October challenge with her piece, "Not just a square."

Here are the top winners" 1st place with 86 votes - #12 Not just a Square by zviagil 
2nd place with 62 votes - # 5  Ferris Wheel Bangle Bracelet by DebgerDesigns 
3rd place with 54 votes - #11 Honeybee Collar by WizardIsalndDesigns (team vote winner) 
4th place with 45 votes - #2 Geometric Necklace - SashaSi
5th place with 38 votes - #13 Geometric Beaded Green Pendant by BeautyGlamourLuba6th place  with 26 votes - #10 Geometric Beadwoven Cuff Bracelet by MaryTDesigns7th place with 25 votes- #20 Murano Geometry Beaded Necklace by PlumidiaCollection8th place with 24 votes  -#9  Tetra Bracelet by KrisDesignFSP9th place with 23 votes  - #6 Vesta Roman Tile Brooch Necklace by beadn4fun10th place with 19 votes- #14 Black and White Geometry Bracelet by AnnaCohen

Congratulations to Karen of WizardIslandDesigns for winning the Internal vote in The Art of

Geometry October challenge! Here are the top entries:
1st place with 19 votes - #11 Honeybee Collar by WizardIslandDesigns
2nd place with 11 votes each -#2 Geometric Necklace by SashaSi, and #10 Geometric Beadwoven Cuff by MaryTDesigns
4th place with 7 votes - #7 Triangles and Squares by EsmereldasStudio
5th place with 6 votes - #13 Geometric Beaded Green Pendant by BeautyGlamourLuba
6th place with 5 votes each - #5 Ferris Wheel Bangle Bracelet by DebgerDesigns, and #6 Vesta Roman Tile Brooch Necklace by beadn4fun
8th place with 4 votes - Perception Bangle by #1 CreationsofAgape.

Karen will have the pleasure of selecting our theme for December 2013, the last challenge of the year.

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