Friday, August 16, 2013

Congratulations to Laura of The Verdant edge Winner of the August "Sea Adventures" Challenge both Team and Popular Vote

Congratulations to "Technicolor Tide Pools" by Laura of The VerdantEdge winner of the August Team Challenge "Sea Adventures" won Both the Team (19 votes) and Blog (52 votes) polls!!

Runners up in Team poll:
2nd place - Linda's Mermaid by crimsonfrog with 10 votes
3rd place - Waves on the Sand by MaryTDesigns with 9 votes
4th place - Marsha Mermaid by ArtMasquerading with 7 votes
5th place - Sea Adventures Cuff by SoulshineCorningNY with 5 votes
6th place, a 6-way tie - Shell Rock Castle by TinaHobbsJewelry, Seashell Barrette by ile1974, Beading for the Deep Blue Sea by Beadditz, Lenore the Mermaid by Janiesgems, Drop in the Ocean Earrings by FrancescasFancy, and Beachcombing Necklace by BeadCatcher, with 3 votes each.

Runners-up in the Blog Poll:
2nd place - Shell Rock Castle by TinaHobbsJewelry with 33 votes
3rd place - Seaboard Beadweaving necklace by Svetush with 29 votes
4th place - Waves of Aquatic Adventures by crystalwonders with 24 votes
5th place (tie) - The Kingdom of Seahorse by Maewa, and Waves on the Sand by MaryTDesigns, with 23 votes each
7th place - SANDsational Beach Memories by beadifuljewelry with 19 votes
8th place - Linda's Mermaid by crimsonfrog with 16 votes
9th place - Marsha Mermaid by ArtMasquerading with 14 votes
10th place - Seashell Barrette by ile1974 with 12 votes

Congratulations, ALL who entered their works! Great stuff this month,


  1. Congratulations Laura, a stunning necklace, thank goodness you had the time to remake it after the first slipped into the lake (a fitting place for a Sea Adventure) if you had to loose it.

  2. Thanks so much, its an honor to compete with such a talented group! The high quality of design work and amazing creativity of my fellow team members was an inspiration and motivation when working on this piece, especially pushing myself to make a second one to replace the one I lost to the lake! Jacquie, I agree it is a fairly fitting place to lose it considering the theme.

    If anyone wants to learn the story behind how I lost the first version, I have an entry about it on my blog :)

  3. Beautiful work. Congratulations!

  4. Congratulations!!! I voted just you.

  5. Congratulations to all who entered. I loved the theme of this challenge!

  6. Beautiful work. Congratulations!