Sunday, February 17, 2013

Congratulations to the winners of the February "Japan" Challenge

Congratulations to Isabella of Bead4me,  winner of February's "Japan" challenge popular vote, Isabella's Dragpms Eye Necklace received an outstanding 123 votes (21%)

The runners up are as follows:
2nd place - 14. Sakura Flowers Pendant - BeautyGlamourLuba 14% (82 votes)
3rd place - 13. Autumn Garden Necklace - Svetush 12% (68 votes)
Tied for 4th place - 9. Zen Garden Necklace - KrisDesignFSP and 23. Japan Tradition Bracelet - Sobby 6% (35 vtoes) ea
5th place - 6. Samurai Warrior Princess Cuff - annamei 5% (31 votes)
6th place - 17. Wrinkled Pearl Bracelet - ellimei 5% (28 votes)
7th place - 2. Beaded Necklace with Japanese Twist - Beadditz 3% (20 votes)
Tied for 8th place - 25. Red Sakura Necklace - AnnaCohen and 24. Spring in Japan - BeadCatcher 3% (19 votes) ea
9th place - 19. Ceremonial Japanese Kimono Necklace - Janiesgems 3% (15)
10th place - 11. Secret Japanese Garden Necklace - Maewa 2% (13)  
Congratulations also go to our team winner, Luba of BeautyGlamourLuba for her Sakura Flowers Pendant.  Luba will have the honors of selecting the theme for April.  Here are the results from our internal vote.
1st - Sakura Flowers Pendant - BeautyGlamourLuba
2nd - Goldfish Tapestry Banner - Francesca'sFancy
3rd - Buddha's Temple Necklace - HauteIceBeadwork
4th - Beaded Necklace with Japanese Twist - Beadditz
5th (TIE) Zen Garden Necklace - KrisDesignFSP, and Ceremonial Japanese Kimono Necklace - Janiesgems
7th (TIE) Autumn Garden Necklace - Svetush, and Japanese Dragon Purse - ArtMasquerading
9th (TIE) Dragon's Eye Necklace - bead4me, and Japanese Tradition Bracelet - Sobby


  1. The month of February is japan challenge month. its looks good. Thanks for sharing.
    fostering children

  2. Do you no longer provide a page of links to each of the entries?

  3. Jsvelinagirl, if you look at the previous post where the voting was announced you will be able to link to each of the entries by clicking on the photo

  4. The challenge collage looked fabulous with all of the beautifully diverse interpretations of the theme. Congratulations to one & all!