Monday, April 16, 2012

Congratulations to Ann of FrancescasFancy winner of the April "Seed Beads Only" challenge

Congratulations go to Ann of FrancescasFancy Fan favorite winner of April's "Seed Beads Only" challenge. Ann's Green dragon Bracelet captured 113 of the 582 votes (19 %). Ann's entry also won the Member vote and she will have the honors of selecting the them for the May challenge

Here is a look at the runners up in this months challenge and congratulations to all who entered.

2nd place - 32. ABLOOM bracelet - KrisDesignFSP with 55 votes (9%)
3rd place -33. Garden in bloom beadwoven tie necklace - BeadCatcher with 47 votes (8%)
Tied for 4th place - 34. Golden Egyptian Reversable Beaded Necklace - ArtizenBeads and 11. Midas Touch Bead Woven Flowers Choker - AngelqueCreations with 33 votes (5%)
5th place - 3. Cuff Bracelet Red Golden Black - SpringColors with 32 votes (5%)
6th place - 4. Wildflowers in the Sage Seed Bead Bracelet - SierraBeader with 27 votes (4%)
Tied for 7th place - 15. Berkshire Spring Beadwoven Necklace - PeregrineBeader and 16. Pink Lily - savoystudio with 23 votes (3%)
Tied for 8th place - 38. Have You Ever Seen Beads Orchid Necklace - TheSpecialCase and 20. EBWC April Challenge Bow Bracelet - Fandefanfan with 18 votes each (3%)
9th place - 19. Ruffled Reef Sea Life EBWC - 4UIdzne with 17 votes (2%)
Tied for 10th place - 21. Everything's Coming Up Crocus Beaded Necklace - HauteIceBeadwork and Roses embrace tapestry - SpiralDesignJewelry with 15 votes (2%)

Congratulations to all 39 members who entered this challenge we all all winners every one.


  1. Congratulations to Ann of FrancescasFancy, it is an amazing beadwork
    I wish I could buy the instruction.
    Greetings Manouscha

  2. Congratulations Ann, your dragon is amazing and deserving of both wins.

  3. Congratulations to Ann ...she has done a marvellous job.This is a colourful and intricate piece indeed.