Sunday, October 16, 2011

Congratulations to the Winners of the October Challenge "Inspired by Picasso"

Congratulations go to Nazo of Pinararpaci and her One Picasso's Ladies is Lying on My Neck Necklace winner of the "Inspired by Picasso" Challenge Fan favortie vote, Nazo's entry received 113 votes (18%) of the 623 votes.  The runners up were as follows:
2nd place -24. Harlequin Clown Mask - 4uidzne with 59 votes (9%)
4th place - 18. Galactic Concerto Brooch - thistledew4u with 40 votes (6%)
7th place - 25. Tears In the Night - StickLizardDesigns with 20 votes (3%)
9th place - 6. Beads Brooch/Pendant - BeadEnCounter with 17 votes (2%)

Congratulations also go to Joanne of ThistleDew4U and her 18. Galactic Concerto Brooch - thistledew4u

winner of the Team Favorite vote, Joanne will have the honors of selecting the theme for our December challenge


  1. Congratulations to both winners, excellent work ladies

  2. Thank you very much for all of your votes.

  3. Thank you very much all.

    Nazo weaving technical details about

  4. congratulations.
    my work is missing from the list of 10 winers :(

  5. Sorry Iryna, I have corrected the list. I had mistakenly put #34 in stead of your entry #33.

  6. Thank You for your votes! So exciting!