Thursday, July 21, 2011

September Team Members Challenge Theme "Lions and Tiger and Bears, Oh My"

Ann of FrancescasFancy, and winner of the Sizzling Sunshine and Soothin Water July challenge offers us this delightful inspiration for our September challenge "Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!" Walk on your wild side and unleash your inner beast! Find inspiration in any animal of your choice, and then, add an element of magic and mystery from the books or movie, The Wizard of Oz.

Use your wildlife in any way you like. It might be a face, silhouette, a foot or paw print, scary or humorous pose, or whatever you find interesting. Then add a hint of the Emerald City with a splash of green, or walk the beads in steps made by the ruby slippers. You might weave the yellow brick road, or the flying monkeys may swing into your work. Maybe you twist a creation reminiscent of a tornado, with swirling colors in chaos.

There are an abundance of iconic elements to draw from. You could play on one of the many themes of Dorothy's journey in her search for a way home. The only requirements are to have an animal represented and something from the magical land of Oz.
Current Etsy Beadweaver Team members may begin your entry today, July 20th, 2011, and must post you completed project for sale in your shop before midight, Etsy time on the 5th of September Good Luck!

Not a member and would like to join in on the challenges, you must maintain an Etsy Shop with a minimum of 50% bead woven items, if your work fits the description then apply for membersip by clicking the Join EBW button on the right hand side of the blog and completing a short survey.  You will be notified within a week of your application if you have been accepted or not, so if you want to enter the current challenge please allow sufficient time to process your application.

Currenty EBW team member may create one new beadweaving of your own design and not a tutorial (not from a kit, book, magazine, or class) in response to the challenge theme. You work should be entirely beadwoven, or have a substantially woven component, to feature and promote our art form. You may not renew an existing piece and your work entry must be the original and not a tutorial of your design. Members are expected to participate in challenges when possible, and required to do so once each year. Start the weaving anytime after the theme is announced. Complete and list the work for sale on Etsy by the 5th of the month of the challenge, before midnight Etsy time. Your listing date is proof you entered by the deadline, so DO NOT RENEW your work until after the voting poll opens on the 9th. If your listing sells, you can still participate in the challenge, but please alert the moderators to the sale.

Your listing must include the following four (4) things:
1.The theme of the challenge. For example, “This (describe your work) was created for the Etsy Beadweavers Team (insert the month) challenge on the theme (insert the title of the theme).”
2.An explanation of how your work relates to the theme.
3.The address of our team blog where the voting will take place and the voting dates. For example, “Please visit our team blog, ( between the 9th and 15th and vote for your favorite entry.”
4.Tag your entry EBWC but not before the current challenge has ended. This is how we find your entry. Remove the tag after the voting poll closes, so entries for the next month’s challenge can be feature.