Sunday, December 19, 2010

A touch of royality is the the first beadweavers challenge of 2011

In the first beadweavers challenge for 2011 (due 5th Feb 2011) Miriam of CeiloDesigns has challenged the Etsybeadweavers to bead a piece inspired by one specific royal figure. The royal figure can be from any time or any place. Just to give you a taste of what might be possible look at the wonderful inspiration offered by a bracelet of a queen (Queen Amanishaketo) from Ancient Egypt.Imagine what beadweavers could do with that.

Mind you there are many types of royals and each country has its own system of determining who is a royal. What is clear is that royality in all countries has bought responsibilities and privileges with it and at times when it is unpopular, it has been fraught with dangers. For a simple and accessible discussion of what royality is and how it works pop by:

To help beadweavers on their way with this wonderful challenge here are some starting points to find a royal figure who might inspire your creativity.

  • Royal families of the world: a list. This site includes royals from Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania and Intercontinental. Not many links so you need to follow through yourself.
  • List of royal houses. This site has a good range of links to information on specific royal houses.
  • Official page of the British Royal Family. A detailed list of specific members of the Royal Family and links to follow about them and also links to the Crown Jewels.
  • Google Images – If you use Royal Jewelry as a search phrase amazing wonders pop up. The first images I found were mainly from the UK Royal Family but when you add specific epochs (e.g Art Deco or Victorian), countries (e.g. Indian, Egyptian or Danish) or designers (e.g. Cartier) to the phrase ‘Royal Jewelry’ a wondrous array of dramatic and inspirational images emerge.
  • The UK Royal Records. This is a site where you can find information on the longest and shortest reigning queens, the youngest and the oldest monarchs, the monarchs who had the most marriages and the least and many other bits and bobs that could inspire your search.

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