Thursday, October 15, 2009

October Challenge - Super Power Jewelry - Winner Announced

With fifteen entries in the challenge this month and 257 votes, not only do we have a winner...first place is a tie between two EBW members!

First place goes to 1. Cuff of Power - AngelqueCreations and 5. Black Spider Woman Necklace - SmadarsTreasure. Both pieces received 36 votes. Visit the winners' Etsy shops to read more details about the winning pieces.

Third: 3. Emerald Enigma Necklace and Earring Set - HauteIceBeadwork

Fourth: Again a tie: 4. K - MadeByOlga and 14. The Power of Three - enchantedbeads

Sixth: 10. I've got the Power - RachelesOriginal

Seventh: 12. Super Woman in Style - kraftymax

Eighth: 7. A Wonderous Woman - sedonaskye

Ninth: A third tie! 11. Galaxy Stars Super-Powered Collar - FrancescasFancy and 13. Xena - Suede Necklace with Beadwoven Beads - alatvian

Here's hoping that Etsy BeadWeavers are already at work on the November Challenge - "Beauty of the Flower" . You can read all about it here. If you haven't already begun working on your entry, now is a good time to get going. Don't forget that this is the last challenge opportunity for this year. There won't be another due until February and you only have until midnight November 5th to have it completed and listed in your Etsy shop.

A huge Thank You! and Well Done! to everybody who entered the October Challenge!


  1. Congrats to Angelque Creations, and Smadars Treasure! Heck, congrats to everyone who entered! What a tuff theme, and you all did such beautiful work!


  2. Congratulations to our winners and all entrants!

  3. Congrats Lorraine and Smadar and to everyone who participated!! I loved all of your entries, and you are all winners in my book!!

  4. Darn it!! I meant congrats to Jacquie and Smadar...sorry about that. I haven't had my coffee yet this Beautiful pieces!!

  5. congrats Smadar and Angelque Creations and all the winners!!! ;-)

  6. Congrats to the winners! See you in the next challenge! LOL

  7. Congrats to the winners! There were some powerfully beautiful entries this time! (Pun intended) :D

  8. Wow, it's a tie. Well deserved. Congrats to both of you.

  9. Congrats, guys!
    This challenge was a great fun!

  10. Congrats to Smadar who I share 1st place with, lovely entry.

  11. congrats girls ... great pieces!!! :)